Seasons surely change


Life comes with seasons. Some seasons of happiness, others a season of grief. The year 2019 is almost over and it has been one for the books. We only have two months left and that will quickly pass by as we get into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. As the holidays begin we get so busy that the year flies out of here.

Inevitable change


Technology changes, days change, even the light changes to dark on a regular schedule as the moon rises, the sun falls. Throughout life we have heard “change in inevitable.” We walk through life comfortable until life throws us a curveball or a forced change. Some changes are actions of consequences and some we have absolutely no control over.

A September 12th America


The latter part of last week was  spent putting together the 9/11 tribute pages you will see a few pages over. As I designed and laid out the pages, I looked through a few quotes hoping to find one to use on the page. I finally settled on one from former President George W. Bush that I think fit nicely as a tribute to that dreadful day.