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 Founded in 1939, The Scott County Times is the oldest and largest newspaper in Scott County. It was founded by Lewis Henderson and L.G. Agard and has seen multiple owners over the years before being purchased by Emmerich Newspapers in 1998. It has a rich tradition of editorial excellence and has been edited and published by some of the state’s most well-known journalists.

 The Scott County Times is located in Forest, MS., and publishes every Wednesday with a paid circulation of over 4,000. The area is served by Interstate 20 to the south with Forest centrally located 40 miles east the Jackson Metro area and 40 miles west of Meridian. Our readership area includes the  nearby towns of Morton, Lake and Sebastopol.

 A winner of countless Mississippi Press Association awards over the years, The Scott County Times has long been considered one of the area's strongest editorial products and is well respected by the local community and its readers.

The Scott County Times
311 Smith Ave. • Forest, MS 39074
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