‘Gun Free Zones’ only safer for shooters


The senseless shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola last Friday hit a little close to home for me. I lived in Pensacola for an extended time and still have many friends there. This act of domestic terrorism carried out by a Saudi Arabian military member should serve as a warning. You can put up as many “gun free zone” signs as you like, but if we don’t focus on the real problem these cowardly acts of murder will continue to happen. 

I believe we all can agree that something has to be done about these horrible acts against innocent people. But we disagree on the true root of the problem.

Democrats and liberals blame guns and the Second Amendment for the shootings, while Republicans and conservatives blame the people that execute these acts of evil. So once again we are at an impasse arguing over causation while these shootings continue to happen and more innocent people are killed. 

Democrats want “gun free zones” all over the country, but they don’t realize the   designation “gun free” makes that area a prime target for the demented people that plan these massacres.

One study the main stream media refuses to report is a study indicating many shootings happen in gun free areas. Fact are facts, but because of political reasons we are all ignoring what the facts are telling us. The “gun free” designation only ensures one thing — the only person armed is the murderous coward shooting people. At least until help arrives as numerous people already lay dead. 

The overabundance of new gun laws and “red flag” laws only limit the ability of innocent people to defend themselves should they be caught in one of these deadly situations. There are constant reports of civilians stopping a crime because they were armed and ready to protect. Why would we take that ability away?

For a sick individual that decides to kill innocent people, a gun free zone offers them a safe haven to kill at will. The people who plan and carry out these acts of terror are cowards, and by giving them “gun free” areas we’re providing locations where they have no fear of return fire.

For over 250 years guns have been readily available, so why is it these mass shootings started around 25 years ago? The indisputable facts lead you to believe that it’s not the availability of guns that has changed — it’s the people that have changed.

For me this leads to an obvious either-or scenario. Our leaders either have no clue that people are the cause of these shootings — which is beyond worrisome — or they know people are the problem and they want to take our guns anyway — which is downright frightening.

I would like to leave you with one telling fact. All 10 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. are controlled by Democrats that have instituted gun control, gun confiscation and weapon free zones in every one of the dangerous sanctuary cities. Think about that for a moment — our most violent and dangerous cities, with respect to gun violence, have the strictest gun laws and the largest abundance of “gun free zones” in the country.

This means the Democrat run cities that have the strictest gun laws and “gun free zones” are the cities you are most likely to be shot dead in.

Now I’m no rocket scientist, Pd. D. and I didn’t stay at Holiday Inn last night — but using my common sense that tells me a lot. The Democrats ideas of how to combat gun violence are being used and have failed miserably leading to a greater loss of life. If you need more proof, just review the shootings and murders in the liberal haven known as Chicago.

I contend the unconstitutional gun laws and so-called safe zones have made our large cities more dangerous. Even knowing this information, Democrats still want to institute these freedom stripping laws nationwide under the guise of protecting us. That makes no sense at all.

This really makes me wonder — why are Democrats so hell-bent on stripping  us of our right to bear arms and protect ourselves? That’s the real question I want truthful answers to.


Mr. Douglas Linwood Nabors was born in Birmingham, Alabama, Monday, December 30, 1940. He passed... READ MORE