Don’t listen to the killjoys, you can do anything


There is no doubt that smiling, laughter and joy is a wonderful thing for everyone. A little joy can make all the difference to most people. I came across a new word this past week — “killjoys.” This is a term used to describe the “woke” Left, which are those walking through life just looking for something to fuss about.

They not only want to destroy the American way of life; they attempt to kill the joy of those who simply enjoy living life and not bothering others.

No matter what these negative people tell you, there is nothing that can stop you from doing exactly what you want to do.  They can talk about it all day long, but in the end, only you control who you are, where you’re going and how happy you may be when you set your mind to something. I don’t care what anyone says, opportunity is open to everyone regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you look like.

During our current tumultuous times all we hear is the bad that someone is doing to someone else, but these arguments have become so loud and consuming that we at times lose sight of the things that matter most.

No matter what is said by media talking heads and political leaders, there is no better place to enjoy life and make dreams come true. That’s simply put, the American Dream. That is, and has been, one driving force behind this country for more than two centuries.

Just the promise of opportunity, and the freedom to chase it. It does not matter what the elitist leaders in Washington say or do; they will never take that from us Americans without a fight.

In the United States of America, the only thing that limits the life you create are the goals you set. The people that are going to be successful will do so no matter where they start or what obstacles they encounter on their journey. It’s called resilience one of the most vital attributes possessed by millions of Americans.

If someone is willing to put in the dedication, time and relentless effort anything is possible. Please don’t mistake my exuberance and optimism for saying it’s easy.

Setting goals and then chasing them, no matter what, is hard. Opportunity is afforded everyone equally, but it’s not handed out like participation trophies.

So many people are busy arguing and pointing fingers, but those who refuse to fail have their heads down working towards their goal. They decided that they were going to take responsibility, and certainly not listen to others tell them what they can or cannot do.

No excuses, no regrets and no quitting.  It’s this group of people that will not be caught up, slowed down or consumed with the disruptive nature of our current times. They know exactly what they want, and they are using every possible opportunity to earn it.

No matter how much others attempt to influence us, they will never have control over one’s self-defined meaning and purpose of life. That to me is the American Spirit, and it’s unbreakable.

Everyone is driven by something different, but everyone is driven by something. This could be money, God, faith, family, success, competition, admiration, serving others or greed to name just a few. The list of personal motivators is literally limitless.

The only people that truly put that opportunity and freedom in danger are our national leaders who are more worried about their stature, power and how much money they accumulate.

Today’s elected leaders, and non-elected political leaders, from the extremist left to the RHINOs on the right, concern me. They focus on everything that’s wrong, and almost never talk about all the good that happens every day in this country. Those people are the definition of killjoys in my opinion. 

When it truly comes down to it, it does not matter what these people filled with negativity tell us, we are the only one who truly controls anything we do. So it’s hard to ignore the killjoys, never forget that anything is possible and only you make that decision.


Mr. Douglas Linwood Nabors was born in Birmingham, Alabama, Monday, December 30, 1940. He passed... READ MORE