Hope we don’t expire before February 16


With April 2018 in the record books, it seem a few observations are in order. First off, the weather has been weird, wet and cold. As a matter of fact, Sunday afternoon, after mowing down the field out front, I finally packed away all the drop cloths that we’ve kept close at hand on the front porch for covering up plants due to frost. Fingers are crossed.

Wife, Danny, even commented in the car that May is here and we’re still running the heat, and that she doesn’t remember that being the case in years past. Monday morning was chilly when I walked the dogs and then I looked at the Weather Channel forecast for the week and they say it is going to be up around 90 some days. And, in the regular routine — except for this past weekend at least — rain again for the weekend. No surprise there, that seems to be the norm this spring.

Next on my observation list, what is up with all this “bromance” stuff amongst grown men? Presidents at that.

Last week when French President Emmanuel Macron visited the United States, and President Donald Trump, they were hugging, and cheek kissing, and holding hands like pre-schoolers on the playground. And if that were not strange enough, when that crazy Kim Jong-un, president of North Korea, went to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in they were doing the same thing and hopping back and forth from North to South in the Demilitarized Zone before their historic meeting.

Strange indeed.

At the same time I keep getting these robo calls from New York telling me there are “severe charges” filed against me and that I better call back real soon. I don’t answer my cell phone unless it recognizes the number but this particular robo caller is leaving me a voice mail with a stern robo warning that my time is about to expire.

That may be the case, but let’s hope it doesn’t expire before February 16, 2019 because Monday morning I bought Danny and me a set of tickets to go see Fleetwood Mac in New Orleans. It never occurred to me that concert tickets to see anyone would be bought almost a year in advance.

The last concert we went to was Elton John in Jackson back in the late 90s, I think, and he was old and we were old but the concert was really good anyway. Now we’re even older and Fleetwood Mac is even older than us but here’s hoping they still put on a good show next year.

It is a bit strange in that my daughter and a friend of hers are also planning on hitting the Big Easy in February for the same show. Now, considering they are 30-plus years younger than us and we’re all going to the same concert may seem odd, but music is music and Fleetwood Mac used to be real good. I suppose they still are, since the tickets were kind of hard to get hold of. As long as we don’t expire and they don’t expire before February a good time shall be had by all. I just hope that we don’t forget that we have tickets before then. Good thing the young folks are going too!

And then there is this. Who is comedian Michelle Wolf? She’s the one that is all over the news this week following the The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday night. I’ve never heard of her but did see a report on the morning news Monday concerning her remarks at the dinner.

From what I heard she wasn’t very funny and even though it was supposed to be a roast, of sorts, of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and presidental advisor Kellyanne Conway, I’ll have to agree with the president, she didn’t deliver her lines very well.

Next up...May...as this year slowly slips away. I guess that’s good. It means we’re getting closer to February, hunh?