I’m proud to be a source of “toxic masculinity”


The politically correct police and self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” are at it again. Well, that’s an understatement seeing as how frenzied progressives disseminate irrational nonsense on a daily, maybe even hourly, basis. On this occasion they have roped in the American Psychology Association in the attempt to give credence to their contrived excuses and blame games when people are unable to control their feelings and/or emotions.

The most recent flawed PC propaganda is that men are negatively affected by “toxic masculinity.” The APA referenced this non-medical terminology numerous times when discussing the newly released Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. The APA emphasizes that men supposedly, “suffer negative psychological consequences from trying to live up to the traditional ideas of what it means to be a man.” I did not need a medical association of doctors to tell me that being a real man is not easy.

As I understand, it’s being implied that it’s just to hard for some men to simply be a man. The overwhelming pressure to live up to being a traditional man is just to much for them to handle and they need a medically accepted excuse.

The two most important men in my life, my father and my uncle, always taught me that being a man has nothing to do with age. They were exactly right. They taught me that being a real man is being accountable and taking responsibility good or bad, doing your very best no matter the task, standing up for those who can’t, knowing yourself and your limitations, staying out of other’s business and be someone that others can always trust and count on. And most importantly, humbly accept your accomplishments and your mistakes. In short, they instilled in me that being a man was not something you grow into, but something you work at and earn through actions, knowledge and experience.

Their life lessons are in direct conflict with the beliefs of the APA but I’m going to stick with the two I respected on this one.

The term “toxic masculinity” was first used in the late 1980’s and has been seldomly referenced during the last three decades. In the midst of the current culture war it has taken a spot front and center. In one article an APA psychologist wrote, “toxic masculinity dictates that men should be stoic and strong, both emotionally and physically.” I cannot understand what is toxic about those expectations, but these people are always looking for an excuse to fail.

The Oppose Everything American Party (formerly known as the Democrats) in cahoots with the self-appointed “progressives,” long ago initiated systematic attacks on our tradition rich, Christianity based, All-American ways of life. This has been ongoing and picking up steam especially since the turn of the century. Nowadays it seems that anything and everything is a target and they will stop at nothing in their fight to change our country from the inside out.

It started with attacks on less significant traditions and practices and has grown into a PC pandemic. the ultimate goal is to change the very foundational basics of human existence and interaction. It started with attacks on prayers at high school football games, moved on to redefining traditional marriage and now natural human order is even under  attack.

I find it ironic those involved proclaim to be “progressives”. I would argue that the term Regressives better fit these agitators, seeing as how their movements have walked back race relations by decades and are only getting worse. The constant attacks on the American Way and Christian traditions have created a dangerous divisive wedge between people unlike anything we have seen in over half a century.

These movements attempt to make anything and everything acceptable unless you love the American Way and are perfectly comfortable in the body God gave you. I’m 100 percent comfortable in my skin and if they claim that I’m a cause of the so-called “toxic masculinity” then I happily accept that. I’m the man God made me to be and I have been shaped by the people, choices and happenings in and of my life. I will never apologize for who I am or make excuses for the choices I make, that’s not what real men do.



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