If we’re talking guns, let’s talk about the real problems


With every report of another crazed gunman carrying out a senseless attack people are finding it easier to blame guns rather than the depraved individual that’s truly responsible. I have made the comment that you could load a gun with as many bullets as it will hold, set it in the corner, and it would never harm a single person. However, if you add a deplorable human being, or a person suffering from mental illness, into the same life equation a gun becomes a cowards tool to kill. So what is the difference in those two situations? The person, not the gun. A gun, just like any other tool, is nothing more than a large paper-weight without a person to shoot it. 

Politicians howl about gun control and repelling the Second Amendment, but neither will save more lives. Just impeding on our rights to institute gun control, or taking guns cannot make us safer because they are not actually dealing with the true problem. The people that commit these heinous crimes will still be walking around like time-bombs waiting to explode, and they will find a way to harm others with or without guns.

There’s an estimated 400 million guns in the U.S., and I would venture to say that is a conservative number, because that is not even accounting for illicit guns. It would be practically impossible to confiscate all of our firearms, and doubly impossible to do it here in the South. I have good reason to believe that if the hypocritical politicians and emotionally reactive gun-grabbers make a serious attempt to forcibly confiscate our weapons, or rescind the second most important right in this country, we could face our second American v. American civil unrest.

In doing a little research I came upon some astonishing information. It is often reported that there are more guns than ever before in the U.S. That is a true statement, however, there is another fact that is overlooked, not reported or just ignored because it does not follow the narrative. Even though we have more guns than ever in our country, the fact is that we have far fewer households with guns in them. Whereas in the past guns in the household were as common as food or clothes, that is no longer true.

No matter what is alleged in all the ballyhooing about gun violence, I believe any attempt to curtail a problem rather than face it head-on only creates more problems. That is exactly what the tunnel-visioned politicians and powerful interest groups in this country are doing. They are focusing on guns when the people that are committing these crimes are the problem. They don’t want to trample on the rights of these sick and cowardly criminals, no they want to trample on every other American’s rights. 

Frankly, as long as you have over 350 million people living side-by-side we will never be completely safe. Human beings are the most unpredictable species on this planet. Like it or not, there are individuals among us that are mentally ill, depraved, indifferent to life, emotionally unbalanced and some that are just outright evil.

Guns have been around since our country’s inception, why is it in the last two decades that we are having problems with mass shootings. We as a society have been systematically desensitized to murder, violence and sex. Life has been devalued and the taking of a life has been celebrated on televisions, computers and video consoles in most every household throughout this country. It’s portrayed every hour of every day through every entertainment medium available, and for lack of better words, our chickens are coming home to roost.

If you have ever studied our founders and their beliefs you can easily ascertain that they would never allow our citizens to be disarmed. In fact, that is exactly what they warn us about again, and again, and again in their writings and teachings. They emphatically understood the importance of always being armed as a required deterrent to the government attempting to take power away from the people. They were persecuted, controlled and repressed by a monarchical government for most of their lives and knew first-hand just how evil a unimpeded government can be. They did everything in their power to ensure that the citizens of this country would never have to endure that again.

It’s time to place the blame where it belongs and stop punishing law abiding citizens for the acts of a depraved few. Taking our rights is not the answer, and will only lead to far worse problems.