Litter, litter, litter, litter, litter, it’s all litter!


Two years ago at this same time, in this same space, I attempted to encourage travelers on our highways and byways to ditch the nasty habit of littering. It was an unsuccessful attempt so exactly one year ago in this same space, fed up by the unsightly amount of litter along those same highways and byways, I again attempted to encourage the same folks not to do the same thing. Again my musings fell on deaf ears.

So here we are with the latest installment, same space, same time of year, same message. People, what do you think you are doing out there?

Ditches are for water not for garbage. When it rains that water is supposed to run down that ditch. When way too many folks are tossing way too much garbage into our ditches that water is going to wash that garbage all over the place.

I suppose that is one of the reasons I’m back on this soapbox once again. We’ve had a good bit of rain lately and there are a lot of leaves and other natural debris on the roadsides slowing the flow and sometimes causing the run-off to run across the road. That in turn has caused a good bit of trash — garbage — litter to wash up and out into plain view.

Actually it’s more than a good bit. It’s terrible. It’s everywhere. Please, please, please stop thowing stuff out of your car windows.

And now this.

Early Saturday morning I was  wandering around the yard checking on the progress of the spring foliage. Out toward the road I could see some of those little teardrop flower things at the base of the huge old oak in our front yard and thought I would take a closer look.

Just as I stepped around the tree to where the flowers were I also found two empty beer cans that I expect someone out riding horses or just dirt road riding tossed into my yard when they stopped to take a bathroom break. That’s just senseless too.

I really don’t mind you stopping to relieve yourself in my yard — I’m not crazy about it — but if in the future you feel the urge please take your trash back home with you.

That being said, besides Bud Light cans and styrofoam lunch boxes, which seem to be the favorite things to toss into the ditches on a daily basis, here are a few of my annual reminders of the other things I’ve seen that you need to keep to yourself too.

Styrofoam cups? Litter!

Chewing gum wappers? Litter!

Twelve pack boxes? Litter!

Fertilizer sacks? Litter!

Feed sacks? Litter!

Cigarette packs? Litter!

Cigarette butts? Yep, that’s litter too!

Coke cans, Sprite cans, Mountain Dew cans? Litter! Litter! Litter!

Those yellow Dollar General bags? Litter!

Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water and plain old water bottles? Litter, all of them!

Garage Sale signs, campaign signs, revival signs? If the event is over, the sale done and the campaign won — or lost — they are litter!

Boat seats, ice chest tops, tarpaulins? On the side of the road — litter!

Garbage bags filled with garbage are litter if they are not where they are supposed to be for collection.

Basically, anything that didn’t grow there — on the side of the road  that is — doesn’t go there, it is litter, so pick it up. Please!

Obviously there is much more that could be added to this list that I copied from last year and the year before. Think about it! I sure have.

I would also like to think that next year we would not be visiting here, in this space, at this same time of year, but honestly, I do not have that much faith.