Lucky Rabbit makes for a nice day trip


My wife and I took a road trip to Hattiesburg this past Saturday. We had been wanting to go to this place called The Lucky Rabbit for months. I know the name kind of sounds like a strip joint, or bar, or maybe a casino, but in reality it is a big ole warehouse filled with vendor booths. A wall-to-wall flea market.
The Rabbit is only open the first weekend of each month and sometimes incorporates the outside space into a vendor market as well. As fate would have it, Nate was on his way — as in hurricane Nate — so they had cancelled the outside part before we arrived.
There was a little bit of everything packed into each of the tight little booths and I would probably say 90 percent of it did not interest me all. There was a lot of that whitewashed looking painted furniture that is popular these days and it came in just about every different color at The Rabbit.
I’m not fond of that look and wife, Danny, said she isn’t either. Neither of us could figure out why somebody took a perfectly fine piece of antique furniture and painted it then scraped half the paint back off. I’m not one that is crazy about having to paint something to begin with, and I’m certainly not going to scratch half the paint I just put on, back off.
Apparently, though, we are in the minority when it comes to that look because there was room, after room, after room of the stuff. There was also room, after room, after room of glassware. That is something of which we already have an over abundance, so it wasn’t of much interest either.
I will admit I had an interest in flipping over some of the Depression Glass and checking out the price tag just to verify the fact that we have a fortune sitting on the sideboard at home. We don’t! We just have a whole bunch of antique glassware sitting on the sideboard at home. The fortune must be somewhere else. I’ll keep looking.
We did find a little stack of the same china my grandmother and Danny’s grandmother both had, that we now have. It came from the grocery store or the gas station — maybe Mr. Lamar Walter’s — premiums I think they are called.
There are probably a lot of folks grandparents in these parts who had, or have, the same stuff. The pattern is green with a white center, a pink flower sits in the middle and a gold ring surrounds the outside. We added 13 pieces to our collection Saturday at a decent price. I just hope that counts as a baker’s dozen and not an unlucky number.
We also snagged a nice, big, ornate, antique picture frame for a bargain price. Once it is restored it will hold a mirror over the fireplace in the dining room...once there is a fireplace in the dining room. Right now there is not, but it is in the planning phase.
But the main thing we went looking for is a big, heavy, wooden armoire — that’s what they called it, not me — that we had seen in an advertisement for The Rabbit. I figured it would not still be there and Danny said all the way down there that she didn’t figure anyone else would be in the market for it. After all it has not been painted and then said paint scratched back off. It is a very unique piece, and since it is now sitting in our foyer, it never will be painted and scratched. Not under my watch anyway.
Once we got all our goodies loaded up we got us a slice of gas station pizza for lunch — which was pretty good, mind you — and headed back this way. We stopped at several additional junk-tique places on the way home and added a few more pieces of junk-tique to our ever-growing collection.
Don’t ask me why. I don’t know! Still looking for that fortune, I suppose.
So, would we drive back to Hattiesburg and The Lucky Rabbit on busy Highway 49 at the same time that folks from the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are evacuating in the opposite direction due to a hurricane? I’m not positive, but probably so.
The Rabbit may not be a strip joint, or a bar, or anything like that, but it did make for a fun day trip. And, among all those other things, they sell cold beer to sip on while you’re browsing. Sold!