New year, new congress same old Washington circus


One January 3, the new Democrat controlled U.S. House of Representatives was sworn in with new faces all around the congressional chamber, but the “new” lasted all of about 30 minutes. Within the first hour of the new 2019 session the same left-wing Democrat Trump psychosis we have endured for two years was back on full display.

The first order of business in our nation’s capital — after re-electing Nancy Pelosi as speaker — was not working to end the ongoing non-essential government shutdown or discussing the invasion of illegal immigrants on the southern border. No, it was neither of these vitally important issues. What was most important was introducing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump closely followed by introducing a constitutional amendment to terminate the U.S. Electoral College.

Neither of these measures will ever amount to anything and are nothing more than political grandstanding that foreshadows what’s to come this year. 

It never ceases to amaze me how truly incapable such accomplished people can be. These days you have to look no further than our U.S. Congress.

The continued actions of our elected officials in Washington leads me to believe they don’t care anyting about governing or what’s best for the people. They have one agenda that matters to them and that is to try and destroy our rightfully elected president no matter the cost.

Hypocrisy has always been a part of national politics, and always will be. But the acts of hypocrisy going unchecked, and actually being joined in by, the biased national mainstream media is beyond shameful.  For the last two years the Democrats have morphed into the American Opposition Party. President Trump continues to push for America first in every decision made and the American Opposition Party — formerly the Democrat Party — has made it clear they put America last.

The only reason the AOP-Dems don’t want a wall protecting our southern border from illegal immigrants, illegal drugs flowing into the country, human traffickers and terrorists is because President Trump wants it.  How could any person that takes an oath to serve and protect the people of this country not want to protect its citizens from those awful crimes. Maybe they don’t really believe in those oaths they take.

Prior to 2016 every one of the liberal leaders that now oppose the wall all agreed with then President Obama that illegal immigration was a detrimental problem. If truth be told, these selfish grandstanders agreed with enforcing immigration laws until President Trump made it a priority. Only then did they start to vehemently oppose enforcement and demand wide open borders.

It’s clear, even to those of us that don’t make politics our lives, that the Washington left-wing demagogues no longer have original ideas, they only have opposition as their basis. 

During the time leading up to, and during, the midterm elections these politicians were silent on impeachment. In fact,  Pelosi herself said that chasing impeachment was not the direction they wanted to go. But low and behold the hypocrites showed us their true intentions for 2019 on the very first day of their session.

Immediately after all members, newly elected and the antiquated rest, took their oaths of office they did exactly what they said they wouldn’t do. They put their personal vendettas and hysteria ahead of the people they supposedly serve. Excuse me in advance for facetiously laughing as I type these next few words — if our honorable representatives actually cared anything about either this country or the people, they would stop the fighting and start governing. But that would not be the Washington way.