October, you’ve worn out your welcome


October has been a long month it seems. Not just because there are 31 days. Not because it has been hot, and cold, and is hot again. Not even because we’ve had five newspapers to publish due to the way the Wednesdays fell this year.

It’s been a long month because there has been an awful lot of stuff going on good, and bad, and some of it a bit scary, and I’m not even talking about today’s holiday.

To start the month off, my mom, who will celebrate her 82nd birthday next week, landed in the Critical Care Unit at a Meridian hospital following a routine procedure. I won’t go into details, but it was scarier than any Halloween I can remember.

Recuperation has been slow, and since she was the main driver between her and my 85-year-old dad, coordinating getting them back and forth to doctor visits has been a bit of a challenge for my wife, and my brothers, and myself. We’re about to get it all under control now as the month comes to a close, and for the last week she’s really started to show positive signs of improvement.

This has, however, been a stark reminder of how quickly one’s health can deteriorate. Just two days before she was put in the CCU she had driven my father to a doctor’s visit of his own in Jackson and they stopped by the office here in Forest on the way home to say hello. Two days later the tables had turned.

Keep that in mind the next time you think you are too busy to visit with aging parents, friends and loved ones. You just never know, but we are thankful today that we still get to sing Happy Birthday next week.

That was the worst thing that happened in October, and probably the top item on the list that made this month seem so long.

On the more material side of things, the refrigerator at our house at the Ross Barnett Reservoir died on a Sunday morning after we had spent the weekend over there. The good news was that it was covered by our Homeowner’s Policy. The bad news was that there was no one there to accept delivery of the new one.

In the end I got the call that the new fridge would be delivered on a Sunday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. which I did not believe at first, but sure enough it was and everything worked out in the end.

But then, and it’s a big but then, Sunday morning of this week the refrigerator at our house in Sebastopol, where we live most of the time, died as well. I don’t know how old that appliance was, but I suppose we can say it has been a good one since it belonged to my grandmother when she lived there. She died, by the way, in April of 1996 and we were using that thing to keep the milk cold at her house long before then.

That’s just plain bad luck, or  perhaps that black cat that hangs around the barn, one or the other or both!

In addition to that, we’ve been trying to get a new roof and back porch on the house all summer long and when the time came for construction to finally begin a couple of weeks ago it started raining on day one. A couple of days later the porch was all framed up and the hardware store ran out of wood. A couple more days later the porch was finished awaiting the metal roofing to be delivered and it started raining again.

That was all last week.

This week the weather was beautiful to get us started, and at this writing the roof is on the porch but severe weather is in the forecast for Halloween. Looks like the rest of the roof will be back on hold — for a few days anyway — but at least October will be over by then! Thank you Jesus!