There’s just no stopping the Hurricane


Another rainy Saturday is in the books, my yard was cut a couple of days before so I am in the clear for now.  This year it has rained and rained and rained some more. In an earlier article I told of my love for thunderstorms and yes that love is still prevalent, but I could do without the mud and rapidly growing grass that follows each storm. I guess that is all part of adulting you still get to enjoy the things you always have, but now you have the responsibility of dealing with the cost or consequences. 

Luckily for me I have become pretty good at delegating my responsibilities of grass cutting thanks to a positive allergy test to grass, pollen, pine, and pretty much everything else outside. My sweet daddy cuts my grass and this year my wonderful boyfriend has taken up the task of weed eating my little hillside. 

This past weekend my not-so-little but younger brother moved back into my house for the summer.  I will have him until August and I can already see my light bill and grocery bill sky-rocketing. Hopefully, I can evenly trade the increase in costs for some work as I plan on building a covered porch and getting a couple of things done around the house before the scorching summer temperatures arrive. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I am pretty spoiled. I do a lot for myself and work is not foreign to me, but I also have some pretty great guys that tend to me. Whatever crazy idea I drum up they are usually down to enjoy the fiasco. I’m not sure if they want to volunteer or if they just get roped in when “Hurricane Emily” decides she will just do it herself. 

Luckily, my daddy taught me a whole lot about getting by. He taught me the basics of plumbing, carpentry, and mechanics even though I would huff and complain every time he asked me to help now I am forever thankful that I can take care of myself if need be. 

Whenever I set my eyes upon a goal there is literally no stopping me despite the destruction I cause on the way. This weekend I cleaned out a storage closet that had accumulated some things left in my place when I moved in and also some of my stuff that I really did not have a need for any longer. 

I had the bright idea to start a good size fire not thinking about the distance from my brother’s truck. He was in bed asleep and I gently went in his room at first deciding not to mention my raging fire outside. “Zach where are your keys?” He did his typical grunt when he is woken up midday due to his need for sleep to work the night that is coming. There was no answer he just stared at me as if we spoke two totally different languages. 

I asked gently once more then I blurted out “Zach I need your keys, I have set a fire, and it’s big. If you want a truck, I need the keys.” Well that got his attention, he jumped up straight out of bed and headed to the door. Because how embarrassing would it be for him to have to call out the fire dept that he is a part of because his sister doesn’t understand fire safety.

My fire didn’t quite impress him as much as it did me and the adrenaline quickly faded. I got the keys and he complained about the load I left in his truck to be hauled away that would not burn.  That’s pretty typical so I tuned him out and headed upon my way to move the truck. 

Just like when that fire got a little bit over my head, I always have someone there to bail me out. I often take that for granted especially when my daddy tells me no or my brother eats my last few chicken strips, I had planned on having for dinner and I am beyond aggravated at him. They might fuss a bit even though they know it does not do any good at all, but we fix the problem and all is well on my little hill once again. I am pretty sure they would not trade me for anyone else, well maybe Zach would trade me for a rich sister, but maybe not. 


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