Trump knows we’re in a one-sided cultural war


There is little doubt conservatism is under an all-out assault by the progressive left including daily acts of hypocrisy and censorship. An all-out cultural war has been waged on practically every established American moral and value. Every waged war is realistically two wars. There is the war of ideas and a war for territory. In the past, the war of ideas has been won by argument and demonstrations of respect and ultimate good will. The war for terrain is always won by pure brute force.

The problem is democracy is not supposed to be a war. It’s supposed to entail all ideas, all opinions and all rebuttals all the time. You make your case as best you can. I make mine with equal vigor. Maybe we find compromises. If not, the voters decide.

But for the past two decades, one side, the left, after losing the respectful debates for decades, has been fighting a war for cultural and political terrain. At the same time, conservatives have continued deploying our ideas while trusting in the process of our laws, courts and federal institutions. But these traditional actions have been countered by the left engaging with pure, brute force in an attempt to take over all cultural and intellectual grounds where open ideas are shared.

Universities, the national news media, entertainment outlets, social media — all have fallen to the relentless progressive pressure, blacklisting and unjustified violence that is the new modus operandi of the left. Students and administrators keep conservatives off campus at all cost. The news and entertainment media have begun blacklisting and censoring conservative outlets and voices. People are openly being fired illegally for such alleged crimes as believing that there are only two human genders and/or supporting President Donald Trump.

For businesses to terminate one’s ability to provide for their families based solely on their political and religious opinions is blatant discrimination, but they do it anyway. For college administrators to try to convince college students that it is unacceptable to hear ideas they might disagree with is simply wicked. There is no place in America for such aggressive intolerance and discrimination.

In the midst of the assault on free speech and the unfettered sharing of ideas, there is only one speech being allowed — speech that is controlled by the rich and powerful. If speech is going to be silenced on the grounds that it is hateful, you have to ask the question who exactly gets to make that determination? It’s quickly becoming reality that “hate speech” is speech people in power disagree with. But for speech to truly be free, it must be free for everyone, especially those we disagree with.

Conservatives throughout this country are being ostracized, discriminated against, illegally fired and in some instances brutally assaulted for voicing their opinion. But gone are the days of respectful dissent and orderly disagreement. This is an attack on every opinion that is in disagreement with the left’s agenda. And the sad part is they justify every single immoral, illegal and reprehensible word and action even though there is no justification for sinking to such humanly lows.

President Trump clearly understands what is transpiring and is steadfast in fighting back. The absolute pragmatic, straight forward, disruptive and in your face leadership style of Trump is exactly why the people elected him. The war of ideas can and should be waged respectfully by neighbors, the current war for terrain is a much uglier business. People no longer look at those with differing opinions as opponents, they now look at them as enemies and that is disheartening and dangerous.

For too long, the right has acted as if the attempted seizure of all territory where free speech takes place can be met with reason, but reason cannot combat illogical hate. I’m neither suggesting nor condoning reciprocating the bullying, hatefulness, censoring and brutal actions of the left. But a war in which only one side is fighting can only end one way.


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