U.S. Women’s Soccer: world champions with zero class


The United States of America Women’s National Soccer Team had quite a few weeks leading up to, and during play at, the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Their stellar play on the field was extraordinary, but the disrespect exhibited by team members was disgraceful at best.

The actions of a few made the team, and our country, look really bad on the world stage. This is a team that includes multiple women who enthusiastically showed traits of selfishness, pompousness and disdain for the very country they represent. There are players on this team that I can say I’m proud to be represented by, but this team as a whole was truly disgraceful.  

Gone are the days when our American athletes were honored to wear the red, white and blue while representing the U.S.A. in competition. During these times of the past, athletes always went above-and-beyond to be honorable ambassadors for the U.S.A. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team has only shown that they care about themselves, and the politically charged grievances they perceive for our president and our country. This is the world in which we live in 2019, and to me it’s simply embarrassing.

It was not the play of the team that has been unbearable to watch, it was their off-field antics. While on the field each member of the team appeared laser-focused on playing soccer and winning as a team. In that facet they performed practically flawless. This team set records for scoring, and literally destroyed the first two teams they played in route to winning the pseudo women’s soccer world championship.

The natural athletic ability and soccer talent these ladies possess and put on display was amazing to watch. They exhibited absolute dominance on the soccer pitch.

When the matches were over many of them began either speaking with reporters or running to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whichever social media platform they utilize where they spewed anti-American, anti-president and anti-religious rants. 

The actions of these women were neither appreciation for the opportunity our country has afforded them in playing soccer for a living, nor was it respect for themselves and every American they were supposed to have represented. In my view they have simply used the opportunity given to them by the United States to tarnish our countries great honor on the biggest of global stages.

I know most of you that read this column may not follow women’s soccer, and quite frankly neither do I. But I have been paying attention the last couple of weeks due to the ongoing childish antics of a few of the USWNT team members.

Of course, at present, the national news media will feverishly cover any individual with an anti-American thought or word. The ladies on this team, and their petty behavior has been covered daily for weeks now.

Quite honestly, hearing these women speak I hardly think they care even a smidge how any of us feel about them, including how our country thinks of them. That’s is truly sad.

They have made it abundantly clear that this world championship was all about them, who they hate and disagree with and dishonoring the  American Flag and national anthem.

One can easily come to such thoughts by simply listening to them speak, or reading some of the statements they make. All of which are so vulgar I refuse to even include them in this column. For arguments sake let me interject – most of their vulgarities where directed at our president and anyone who supports him.

I can say that we have a U.S. women’s soccer team that is full of supremely gifted athletes. They are by far the best women’s soccer team in the world. But they have a strong nucleus of players that are great athletes with no respect and no class.


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