Watch today’s politics like an old silent movie


Do you remember the really old silent movies, back before sound was added? Even then you knew exactly what was going on in the movies without sound.  That’s because actions are far more important than words.

Truth be told, a person’s actions, or lack thereof, will always tell you who they really are, far better than words. People manipulate their words to say all the right things. But if you characterize people by their actions, you will never be fooled by their words.

I’m annoyed by all the disruptive noise we hear. I would like to give a fair assessment of President Trump’s job performance, and the noise makes that tough. We must turn the noise off from the national media that has sunk far beneath bias to total unfairness.

Those press members have filled the news with reports our president is a Russian spy, a racist, a lunatic, a white supremacist, a terrorist, a dementia sufferer, a Nazi the likes of Hitler and blamed him for the mass murders committed by evil cowards. In fact, I’m just waiting to hear Trump called Lucifer himself.  

Sadly, this divisive nonsense is not limited to biased politicos and online bloggers. It also comes from supposed journalists at media giants such as NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC to name just a few.

With the noise turned off, we see the media still chasing a Russian conspiracy supported by zero evidence. We see non-stop allegations of racism based only on leftist distortions. We see ignorant charges of Nazism even though the president is the best friend Israel has ever had in office. We see claims Trump has dementia, even as he routinely outsmarts and outmaneuvers those who make these claims. It’s almost comical at times.

We also have to mute Trump himself. There’s something delightfully refreshing about watching him break free of the mind-forged restraints of political correctness, but I admit, his harsh reactions and unprovoked prods, break the social restraints of simple politeness and respect.

Pushing to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Attacking people based solely on their looks, giving credence to total conspiracy theories, and brazenly lashing back at verbal attacks.

The press deserves most of the slaps he gives them, but all of this is just noise to. 

On the positive side: The economy, stock market, unemployment rate at 50-year low and job creation. All results of dialing back oppressive business regulations and smart tax cuts. The economy is so strong, the hate-blinded press is forced to report on a recession that “might” happen, all while ignoring the positives. 

The president is quickly rebuilding our military that was shamefully depleted by the Obama Administration, ISIS has been strategically wiped out, and our foes China, Russia and Iran, who grew more powerful under the last administration, are all clearly on the defensive with Trump.

He has made rock-solid judicial picks at every court level, and was steadfast in his fight to finally end federal funding for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.  

On the negative side: The “big beautiful border wall” is slowly being built, but there has been no progress on the border crisis or illegal immigration. Creating congressional term limits has been neither discussed nor acted on. And he has failed to repeal, reform or replace Obamacare.

The jury is still out on tariffs and trade, but we should all wait to see what the president does and how it all shakes out.

Most, if not all, of the president’s struggles are directly attributable to Congress. The legislative branch has done nothing for the better part of three years, but still it’s on Trump’s watch.

Overall that’s a pretty good record considering. Just solid conservative governing, while trudging uphill carrying a do-nothing Congress on his back and fighting a deep state and press media whose sole purpose for waking up each day is to try and destroy him.

It’s funny how much of our perceived troubles are nothing more than meaningless noise. We should turn all the noise off more often, the trouble makers have no words to hide behind when it’s quiet.