Arrest Report March 21

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center March 7 -  March 14. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Crystal King, 29, 367 Smith County RD Raleigh MS 39153, misd - public drunk.

William Lane Clark, 51, 236 Barrett Rd Sebastopol, felony - probation/parole violation

Tionne-Tenise Angelique Mcclendon, 36, 386 N 2nd Ave. Apt. 1 Forest, misds - DUI first offense, careless driving, failure to show proof liability insurance

Sandra Renee Johnson, 46, 113 Nate Rd Lake, misd - disturbing the public peace

Joston Davis, 24, 9726 Hillsboro Ludlow Rd Forest, misd - disturbing the public peace

Charla Ann Isaac, 31, 13160 Hwy 488 Rd Philadelphia, felony - contempt of court, suspended drivers license

Marsha M Catlin, 36, 415 S First Ave Forest, misd - failure to appear

Casey Lee Jones, 39, 105 Lindsey Walnut Grove, misd - drugs possession marijuana 1st offense

Vanillife Vantrice Woodard, 30, 609 Naylor St Carthage, misds - drugs possession marijuana 1st offense, drugs possession paraphernalia

Justin Earl Foreman, 23, 140 Wadsworths Rd Pelahatchie, misd - drugs possession paraphernalia

Charles Nolan Porter, 25, 1207 Noth Little River Rd Forest, misd - drugs possession paraphernalia

Brett Taylor Posey, 28, 109 McMillin Rd Lake, misd - disturbing the public peace

Lester Roy Windom, 51, 1423 Graytown Rd Lake, other - probation/parole violation

Sonya Diane Meek, 47, 309 Old Hwy 80 East Morton, other - probation/parole violation

Ezell Johnson, 52, 86 Frank Ln Forest, misd - assault domestic violence

Kenneth Landon Waggoner, 26, 1507 Hwy 483 Morton, other - telephone harassment, investigation hold

John Tubby, 25, Iberville Apts #J Carthage, misd - assault domestic violence

Pheanis Hamm Brown, 33, 996 Montrose Rd Lake, felony - drugs possession sched I (heroin, meth, etc)

Cristie Wilkerson, 29, 143 Edwards Rd Forest, felony - drugs sale controlled substance

Terrance R. Smith, 37, 5240 Ponderosa Rd Lawrence, felony - drugs possession schedule I (heroin, meth, etc), misd - resisting arrest, old fines

Amilcar Ruiz, 26, 756 S Main St Forest, felony - aggravated assault other dangerous

Candance Harper, 36, 337 N 8th Ave Forest, misds - DUI other substance, no drivers license, failure to show proof liability insurance, drugs possession paraphernalia, drugs possession marijuana 1st offense

Jeffery Allen Hunter, 47, 457 N 4th Ave Forest, misd - disorderly conduct failure to comply, drugs possession marijuana 2nd offense, drugs possession sched I (heroin, meth,etc)

Andre Gammage, 37, 4986 Ringold Rd Forest, misd - indecent exposure,suspended drivers license implied consent, expired tag, failure to show proof liability insurance, DUI first offense

Kelvin Demond Wash, 31, 849 Robinson Rd Forest, misds - drugs possession paraphernalia,drugs possession marijuana 1st offense, improper equipment, failure to show proof liability insurance, felony - drugs possession control substances

Darrell Walton, 47, 199 Ephesus Rd Forest, misd - domestic violence assault

Kane Joseph Guilbeau, 37, 1063 Irby Morton, felony - larc all other under $1000 (pet)