Bring back the old tradition of hats and gloves, the tradition of ‘class’


Yes, my column is a little late, but with so much going on, I just couldn’t get it all together!

First, my Mother’s Day weekend was packed full of family....mostly grandchildren.  Saturday began at 9:30 in Sunrise for the double elimination softball games with Mary Ashley and Macy Kate. It worked out perfectly and they won their games, on to Peyton’s baseball game at the Petal ball park.....beginning at 12:00 noon.....but fortunately the games ran late so we didn’t miss one thing.

After Peyton’s game, our day turned into “be at the Petal Center for the Performing Arts for Mary Ashley and Macy Kate’s dance recital...which was absolutely elegant. I was ready to go home after they performed...after all it was only 9:30 p.m. and we had all forgotten about lunch and supper. It was too hot to eat at the ball parks, so it was no big deal.....until 10 o’clock Saturday night and Bob asked me if we had skipped any meals that day.  Well, with cokes, popcorn, peanuts, Nachos, water and chocolate candy, I wasn’t hungry one bit.  But I did have some banana pudding I had made that, the day guess what we had for supper?

Mother’s Day would soon arrive, so I headed for bed....and somehow missed church and almost missed Mother’s Day Lunch with my wonderful family.  Bob kept telling me that I was going to be late for my celebration lunch...and it was close.  Somehow the legs just didn’t want to I was a little late, but we all got there and had a wonderful celebration. 

As you know, I am kinda partial to my sons and their families.  I am so blessed...late or not!  Plus I like to watch Scott, Brent and Walker try to get everything on the menu on one plate...which is hard to do at Mack’s. But they succeed every time we go! And we never get hungry later, so that is good. Everytime one of them mentions fishing, worms, poles, nets, other bait and stringers.....I suggest Mack’s down the road.  And I always win!

Now to the present. Yes, I watched the entire saga of the wedding...and previous weddings at Windsor Castle. Like everyone else, was glued to the television for nearly a week. I love the pagentry of the royals.

Okay, so I liked their hats. Not that I have written down which hundred hats marched in front of the television. Creative to say the least, but there were a few I would like to copy...for the High Tea of course. 

There were some “doozys” to describe...for lack of a better description. But hats and gloves will always have a special place in my heart. That is what we grew up wearing, and not just on Easter.

Bridesmaids luncheons, teas, and special occasions were always accompanied by hats and gloves...kind of a Southern thing I guess. Maybe we should start a “hats and gloves movement” to bring back some old traditions....called class!

Well, dance is is over except for the travel team, softball is over for another year, and it is time to sit in front of the fan twirling around in my office near the computer.  Yes, hot!  And Olivia said that “MamaCarol, it isn’t even August yet.”  She just finished second grade...and she hit it on the head!  Not even June or July either. Oh dear! Keep the fans in working order!

With that in mind, I think I will go and prop up in front of as many fans as I can find!

Thought for the week -” The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck, are the arms of your grandchildren..”  author unknown

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