Forest News

Happy Birthday:

Feb. 19: Harvey Gene Mathis, Addie Lee McWilliams, Patricia Hollingsworth, Joey Kenna, Lee Moore, Tina Davis.

Feb. 20: Steve Purvis, Bertha McTurner, Teresa M. Smith, Brenda Hubbard, Ron Anthony, Clo Allen Harrell, Meagan Parks, Cindy Hawthorne, Melissa Robbins, Brad McBride, Rocky Lutts, Kristi Gibbs, Victoria Faith Smith.

Feb. 21: Debbie Lynn Warren, Arthur Massey, Amy Elizabeth Baines, Ethan Dean Langston.

Feb. 22: Mrs. Lee May, Bill Page, Jennifer Bridges, Cindy Taylor, John S. Green, Lesa Henry Quinn, Mack Emmons, Darla Gibbs, Roger Lee Ivy, Viola Noblin, Betty Sanders. Brandon Latham, David Bell, Betsy Sharp.

Feb. 23: Wendy Adcock, Howard Sanderson, Scott Graham, Terry Tate, Bobby Hunter, Donna Sanders Beatty, Brenda Myers, Charles Harrison, Sharrell Crout, Johnny Weatherford, Cody Sorey.

Feb. 24: Vera Sawyer, Ruby Fortenberry, Bill Sawyer, Johnny Jones, Lori Ann Taylor, Junior Harrison, Randy Money, Heather Hollingsworth, Jenny Ruth Pollard, Elvis Shaw.

Feb. 25: Josh Lindsey, Sherry Israel McKinley, Scott Vincent, Gina Ann Hill, Lawrence McTurner, Ronnie Creel, Joy Bounds, Ransom Gatewood, Sara Nance Thomson, Suellen Dennis, Deanne Sanders, James Watson.

For Norma Ruth Lee’s birthday her brothers Mike and Patty Robbins and John and Janice Robbins invited her and Judge Tom to Oxford for a dinner outing at City Grocery followed by family visiting at the Mike Robbins’ Oxford home. The next morning Norma Ruth attended a Board of Trustees meeting at Blue Mountain College. The Lees were able to make it back to Madison for Tom Lee III’s Madison Central home basketball game. Saturday morning they saw Steven Lee’s and Michael Lee’s basketball games before returning home to Forest

“Old-timers” will be interested in knowing that Mildred Loper recently was honored with a celebration in recognition of her 100th birthday!!!  Miss Loper, who has lived in Quitman for many years, was born in Forest on February 18th, 1920. She is retired after having taught 40 years at Quitman High School and lives at Wisteria Manor assisted living facility.  Happy Birthday, Mildred!!! 

We’re so glad to hear Jackie Calhoun is out of the hospital and doing well, following a recent heart scare.   Poor Gail is doing double duty, as both her husband and mother were admitted the same day!  Sue Croxton has remained in Baptist Hospital’s ICU for several days.  Get well soon, Sue!!

Many of you know Dr. T.R. (Tom) McKibbens, Jr, of Worcester, Massachusetts, younger brother of Ben McKibbens, who grew up in Laurel, and at one point was center for Archie Manning at Ole Miss. Tom entered Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston on Monday, February 10, with open heart surgery the next morning, the 11th.  His surgeon is Dr. Kamal Khabbaz, who is Chief of Cardiac Surgery. The aneurism is located at the top of his heart in the aorta, where it leaves the heart. That makes it impossible to do a stent and requires the open heart surgery as soon as possible.  They expect him to remain in the hospital until Sunday, and then go either home or to a rehab facility. Please keep him (and his family) in your thoughts and prayers.

Jan Risher Naudin of Lafayette, Louisiana, wrote that last Wednesday was an especially long day for the Risher family.  Both Jan and her two brothers, Rusty and Robin, were in Jackson at St. Dominic’s, to be with their father and mother. After nine hours in the ER, the family finally got former Bearcat coach Gary Risher settled in his room on the oncology floor. The doctors believe he has multiple myeloma. Right now, they expect him to be in the hospital for the better part of the coming week. If he gets strong enough and the rest of the tests come through confirming what the physicians now believe, he will have his first chemo treatment before he goes home. Thank you for your continued prayers. We’re thinking about you, Gary!

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