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Happy Birthday:

March 25: James Jones, Junior Graham, Cindy Fuller, Linda Hamilton, Harry Lewis, Betty Daniels McGee, Lillie Mae Meador, David Gunn, Jan Martin, Terry Rivers, Mrs. Noel Parker, Melissa Roberts, Brandi Ricks, Jeff Edmondson, Mel Karnatz, Shirley Rene’ Hardin.

March 26: Belinda Fowler, Mrs.  Kimberly Carr, Michael Stone, Chris Burt.

March 27: Betty Jeffcoats, Kathy Little Mitchell, Jerame Beard, Beverly Harden Maddox, Cliff Horton, Macaulay Gibson.

March 28: Kevin Sessums, Rev. Frank Gunn, Deborah Aycock, Lindell Derrick, Kevin Brown, Jessie  Boutwell Partridge, Mark Williamson.

March 29: Michael Lance Irvin, Paul Christopher, Susan Stutts Luther, Ken Carleton, Ronald Fuller, Ruth Harrell, George William Odom, Beth Gaff, Sunny Lynn Eady, Clair Hydrick, Hugh Strebeck, Travis Martin, Roy Aultman, Jr., Larry Rogers, Mechelle Latham, Cindy Hosey, Robin Durr, Linda Craig, Kelsey Shaw.

March 30: Rita Brignac Jones, Flo Chambers, Dea McCrory Irby, Glenn Crosby, John Ed Tabor, Carlton Hines, Lance Harden, Robbie Durr.

March 31: Carol Christine Shaw, Kenneth Melichar, Brenda Marler Tillman, Brad Thompson, Robbye Ann Lee, Laurie Elkins, Brandi Brock.

Sidney and Si Bondurant honored their aunt, Doris Mowrey, with a 99th birthday celebration at The Blake in Ridgeland where she is a resident. Her sister, Iva Dee Bondurant, and other Blake residents were in attendance. Entertainment was provided by a one man band. A good time was had by all.

Many fine teachers and coaches have walked the halls of Forest High School. Those of us who were fortunate enough to cross their paths, will forever carry their influence with us.  This week, we lost one of the best.

Hal Moody Polk was a beloved band director at FHS for many years.  He passed away at home in Starkville from complications of heart disease.  He would have been 85 in May. I’m not going to list all of his accomplishments of excellence at this point nor relate any of the personal stories that changed so many students’ lives. 

Over 50 years later, he continued to inspire and watch over each and every one that reached out to him.   He never gave up on his students. He was as dependable as the warm Mississippi wind. In the course of a lifetime, if one is lucky, a man of his quiet greatness will pass your way.  Due to these uncertain times, his family held a private graveside service with plans of a memorial service at a later date.

What have you done to stay occupied with this self-imposed Coronavirus quarantine?

We’ve collected thoughts some moms have gathered for dealing with young people (or themselves!) during these challenging times.

For those of us who say that we don’t have time to exercise or clean and organize the house as we would like, now might be a good time for those activities! 

Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Read for an hour. Organize the pantry. Walk the dogs! Scrub the shower and bathroom floors.

Try to complete a cleaning or organizational chore each day. Embrace time to rest. 

Try to get the kids to do something productive each day. They can read, bake, play cards, boardgames, play outside, go on a scavenger hunt or ride bikes. Support local businesses, participate in curbside pick ups, and order carry out or delivery from local restaurants. Another way to support local establishments is to buy gift certificates.

We can do this and when this is over, we should ALL celebrate “BIG!”

What are some ideas and suggestions you’d like to add?

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