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Happy birthday:
April 18 Jerrold Walley, Jake Risher, Libby Massey, Nell Gibson, Mildred Clarke, Anna Beth Lee, Gwen May Thornton, David N. Jones, II, Malissa Strebeck, Tracy Hawkins.
April 19: Oliver Spence Sims, Bernice Stewart, Lavoynne Butts, Evan McDonald, Nancy Herran, John Michael Baggett, Mary Eugenia McAuliffe, Mary Frances Bell, Shanna Rigby, Valerie Hellen. Greta Carroll, Mary Olivia Johnson.
April 20:  Louise Bell, Judy Eure Spears, Vonda Patrick Tullos, Julie Lackey Simons, Hoye C. Hollingsworth, Sherry Pace Hobbs, Joe Buddy Madden, Jo Lynn Fountain Smith, Willie S. Harrell, Jr., Bruce Hellen, Bill Rigby, Madison Smith.
April 21:   Phyllis Lewis, Richard Stevens, Jimmie                                                                Dale Warren, Kristi Harvey, Tony Chance, Coleman Howard, Ryan Simmons. Paula Barnes Brown, Kim Red Fowler. 
April 22  Betty Culpepper, John H. Freeman, Paul Strode, Bob Wolverton, Doril Jones, Jan Ormond Sherman, Connie Ware, Dolly Henderson, Heather Rigby.
April 23 Emily Koerber Montgomery, Jessica Webb Wood, Ben McKibbens, Kevin Culpepper, Steve Gibson, Dewane Boutwell Weaver,  Bryant Rogers, Michael Lackey Simons.
April 24  Robin Dilley Mattison, Mike Eady, Cindy Eady Hawthorne, Wanda Calhoun Carter, Lloyd Chancellor, Lora Harris, Jim Wall, Greg Luke, Tess Emmons, Velma Pollard, Emily Ashlyn Moore, Adyson Tadlock
Jean Palmer accompanied her son Scott to Oxford on Friday for the weekend.  They attended Good Friday services at Oxford University Methodist Church that evening where Brook Bagley Worthy is the choir director. On Saturday, Scott enjoyed attending the Rebels baseball game and series victory over Arkansas.  Bill Threadgill, of Columbus and Oxford, traveled to Memphis with Jean and Scott on Sunday where they joined Will, Amy and William Threadgill  for an Easter celebration in the Threadgill home.  Carol and James Threadgill of Tupelo were in Memphis for the weekend, as well. 
Ron and Mary Jo Walsh attended a couples shower for granddaughter, Lauren Leiden and Bridges Phillips in Memphis, last weekend. Lauren concludes her first year in dental school just days before the June wedding!
American Legion Post 9 had two significant events at a recent meeting:  A 70-year membership certificate was presented to James Rushing to celebrate his remarkable record of continuous membership in the post. James, accompanied by son-in-law Gene Walker, shared some interesting stories of his U.S. Navy time, including assignments in the submarine service.  He is the longest serving Post 9 member.  
The guest speaker for the meeting was Clyde Morgan, a decorated Army Vietnam veteran and Forest native, who shared some gripping and intriguing experiences from his service.  Clyde, the owner of a local firearms training center, is a resident of Brandon and was accompanied by his wife, the former Joanna Bigham, who will be remembered by many Forest High School grads.
Enjoyed hearing from Irene Martin that is telling everybody she comes in contact with about her nephew, Randy Noel in New Orleans, who has been in the home building  business ever since he finished college.  He started out working with his dad, Karl, who many of you will remember from Harperville.  Several years ago he was named president of HBNO (Home Builders New Orleans), then was nominated and voted Vice President of the National Home Builders.  This past January, he was inaugurated as president.  Irene said he has already met with President Trump several times and now has received an invitation from the Prince Charles’ Foundation to help with energy efficient greenhouses.  Of course, they have excepted!! .  Isn't that exciting??  It is just amazing what all Scott Countians do (or their kinfolks). 
Ricky and Donna Hunt’s daughter Lauren and her husband, Jonathan Lunati, and their two daughters, Emma, age 2, and Adeline, age7 months, came home from Germantown, Tennessee, for a long weekend over Easter.   Daughter Leslie and her husband, Jordan Gunn, along with infant son, two month old Stanton, came for Easter and the week from Rochester, Minnesota, where Jordan is in residency at the Mayo Clinic. The Hunt’s son Geoffrey and his fiancé Mallory Moore of Morton, as well as extended family, joined them for a celebration Easter Sunday evening. 
Last week in our baseball report, we neglected to mention Maybeth Ormond’s oldest great grandson’s tournament win (last weekend) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accompanied by his dad, Terry Sims and brother, Trice. The Fairhope team took home the trophy. Congratulations, Steele!
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