Forest News

Happy Birthday:

Sept. 12  Gary Allen Pryor, Billy M. Pace, David Tullos, Roy Jeff Fountain, Bettie Wilkerson, Robert S. Simmons, Patti Austin, Mary Harrell, Brenda Tadlock

Sept. 13  Eddie Chancellor, Stacey Creel, Martha Graham, Ken Peterson, Jackson Paul Calhoun, Lambert Miles Lane, Glenda Lutts, Erin Strebeck, Denise M. Hollingsworth.

Sept. 14  Madeline Hermann, Hugh Jones, Jane Mitchell Jones, Michael Burns, Cindy D. Smith, Danny Edmonds, Royce Shaw, Rejell Aultman.

Sept. 15  Cory Riser, Lynn Harvey, Carolyn Money, John Huff, Deloise Eady, Wayne Harris, Thomas Bennett Smith, Tyler Walters, Mitzi Breland, Billy Ray Lovett, John Mark Ervin, George Beaman Triplett.

Sept. 16:  Matt Woods, Mrs. Dorothy Bailey, Gary Prophitt, Jr., Henry A. Jeffcoats, Hilton Ray, Mary Amanda McCrory, Jennifer Lindsay Lee, Chad Austin, Brian Barnes, Roan Simmons Johnson, Kirstin Lee Wilkinson, Jeff Pitts

Sept. 17:  Mike Madison, Weems Gilbert, Ty Tabor, Dot Usry, John Webster Tadlock III, Paul J. Shirley, Jr., Dr. Randy Reynolds, Amy Johnson, Robin Walter Autry, Lindsay Hollingsworth, Lawrence Kunkel, JoAnn Mulvihill

Sept. 18  Ray Barnes, Tat Simpson, Jim Schaefer, J. T. Thrasher, Kimberly Sharp, Lamar Gatewood, Jr., Danny Burns, Joe Garner, W. B. Madden, Jr., Rob Hill, Kimmy Lutts, Pam Gray, Emily Searles, Jennie Austin, Jesse Austin

So sorry to learn that Jo Taylor fell while visiting the Beehive last Wednesday and broke her upper femur.  She had surgery the following day at St. Dominic's and was discharged Friday, following a partial hip replacement. Hope you’re better soon, Jo!

Scott Palmer spent last Wednesday in Oxford on business.

Plans are in high gear for Forest’s annual Wang Dang Doodle beginning in a little over two weeks. Know you are looking forward to the popular festival slated for Saturday, September 29th at Gaddis Park in Forest.

Jan Risher and daughter Piper Naudin of Lafayette, Louisiana, spent the Labor Day weekend in Forest with her parents, Gary and Nelda Risher.

Huge book sale at the Forest Library!  In September books will be on sale for $.25 each, five for one dollar or a bagful for two dollars. Also, September is the time to join friends of the library. Dues are five dollars a person, $10 a family or $25 or business, class, organization.

 Gayla Steed of Olive Branch arrived on Labor Day for an overnight visit in the home of her parents, Barbara and Lamar Gatewood.  They enjoyed celebrating Barbara's birthday which had been the day before.

A great way to improve your health is to join Fabulous Fitness. This group meets at the Forest Baptist Church on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Cost is only $10 for 10 weeks! Exercises are for joints and muscles. Certain problems are addressed, such as stiff neck or sciatica. For additional information call Carolyn Fountain at 601–469-4863 or just visit the class!

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