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Happy Birthday


Jan 9  Willard Eure, Jr., Pat Stringer, Randy Gibson, Kevin King, Emily Lehr, Pat Reeves, Nathan Halford, Chip Fillingane, Ira Pollard, George Sims

Jan 10  Jerry Eugene Taylor, Kathryn Woodson, Tommy Massey, Robin Ramey, Cynthia Leigh Waggoner, Charles Gilmer, Glover Wade Jones, Jr.

Jan 11  Dallas Williamson, John Autry, Bob McWilliams, Taylor Smith,  Robyn Winstead, Alissa Williams, Gayle Walsh Massey

Jan 12    Sandra Mowdy, John Fairley, Rodney Greener, Skipper Warren, Rusty McGinty, Kate Salter, Scotty Hawkins, Cindy Craig, Donna Warren, Leslie Gould, Jessica Long, Gabriel Evans,

Jan 13   Mrs. Willard McDonald,  Jean Smith, Mrs. J. L. Boykin, Hope Valentine, Britney Hurtt, Ashley Leanne Durr, Jean Adkins, Jack Breland, Faith Emmons

Jan 14   Richard Golden, Jeff Mayo, Frankie Sessums, Tommy Wedgeworth, Krisan Lynette Risher, Brady Power

Jan 15   Mary Glen Rogers, Bobby Lee Calvery, Cecil Harris Jones, Becky Dennis, Kay Millsaps, Ken Everette

Welcome home to Tom and Margaret Burns, who returned to Forest last Thursday after having been in  Asheville, North Carolina since before Thanksgiving.  They enjoyed being near their son, Dr. John and Sara Burns and grandson Thomas, who was baptized at Central United Methodist Church in Asheville the Sunday before he celebrated his first Christmas.  Tom and Margaret also enjoyed holiday visits with son Michael and his wife Meredith who live in Raleigh, North Carolina.   

Carol and James Threadgill of Tupelo, along with their son Charlie of Colorado Springs, Colorado, arrived in Forest on Christmas Eve for overnight visits in the homes of Jean Palmer and Scott Palmer. Jean and Scott joined the Threadgills at their hunting camp near Lexington on Friday, where they continued their Christmas celebration with Will, Amy and William Threadgill of Memphis.

Long time Forest resident Martha May Tarrer became really sick with heart issues about a month ago. May had valve replacement surgery Thursday after Christmas in Memphis, Tennessee, at Baptist East Hospital. The procedure seems to have gone well; however, she has been in ICU for an extended period.  With their sister are Vi Tarrer Matlin of California and Joe and Sally Tarrer Pace of Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as a long time caretaker from the Baddour Center. Please keep May and her family in your thoughts.

Glinda Smith traveled to Collierville,Tennessee, on Christmas Day. She spent several days in the home of sister, Kaye and Kelly Hodges. Joining them for the Holidays were daughters Kim, also of Collierville, and Krisann of Nashville. Glinda returned to Forest on Thursday.

The members of Forest Baptist Church attending the morning service were in for a treat last Sunday when Michael Gibson of Madison led the music in the morning service.  Michael’s daughter Elizabeth, who is a senior at Mississippi College, sang a beautiful solo for the special music in the service and was accompanied on the piano by Michael, on the drums by her brother Davis and on the guitar by brother Joel.  Proud parents and grandparents are Dink and Edna Gibson. Gina Gibson, Michael’s wife and the mother of three very talented young people, was in the congregation, as well.  

Due to a not serious illness in her family, Irene Martin celebrated Christmas twice.  Christmas Eve  with part of the family, then Friday everyone gathered with food, gifts and fireworks. Joining Irene were Steve, Karon, Russell, Mary and Tara Martin, Elijah and Justus Harvey, Zac Whittington and friend Danny.

“Library Lab” introduces a session on “Beginning Knitting “ on January 12 at 9 a.m. Perhaps by the next holiday season, you’ll be making gifts for all your family!!

Rhett Mitchell was in Forest recently on business. He celebrated Christmas with his son, Mitch and Jennifer Mitchell, and daughter, Peri, in Biloxi.

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