Forest News

Happy Birthday:
Dec. 6:  Rhett Mitchell, Lovett Weems Jr., Rosemary Mitchell, Amy Graham Ware, Iva Nell Foreman, Mark Crotwell, Mark Mapp, Sammy Burgess, Brandon Brock
Dec. 7:  Leilani Salter, Butchie Barnes, J. B. Slay, Linda Woodard, Brenda Estes, Hamp Valentine, Shirley Mapp, Jarel Ethan Culliver, Collins Ros, Robert Earl McBride
Dec. 8:  Mrs. T. L. Wolf, Dennis Eure, Vickie Little Waters, Ron Russell, Beverly Jo Youngblood, Patsy Fitzhugh, Barbara Halford Louviere, Bobby Colquitt, Keith Brown, Brad Gunter, Carrie Pope,
Dec. 9:  Jimmy Wright, Cathy Ashmore, Beverly Rhodes, Chet Barnes, Mark Rivers, Melissa Sistrunk, Virginia Copeland, Jonathan Taylor, Jonathan Buegel, Kirk Wardlow, Doug Norris, Sammy Henry, Avery Pitts
Dec. 10:  Elizabeth Eichelberger, John Lewis, Barry Petterson, Lee Cadden, Maggie Fairchild, Jimmy Woods, Vernoy Reynolds, Helen Lee, Clay Busbea, Edwin Clark, Jessica Roxannbe Pace, Dwight Hurtt, Tyler Coward, Taylor Coward
Dec. 11:  Lonnie Waltman, Jeff Grafton, Mike Beard, Cheryl Ann Jones, Mandy Jones, Mrs. E. E. May, Bonnie Harvey, Ruthie Fulcher, Mrs. W. D. McCann, Miriam Stewert, Carrie Ann Parkes, Lindsey Chance, Mark Millsaps, Becky Harrell, Pequita Duncan, Crystal Stone
Dec.12  Cindy Watkins, Mrs. W. B. Spence, Betty Ryan, Lauren Blackley, Jim Lackey, Jr., Debbie Moss, Martha Noble Hassell, Jan Dukes, George Warriner, Iris King, Donna Hunt, Jenny Ros, Eric Adkins, Jean Cox
Jean Palmer accompanied her son Scott to Overlook Farm near Columbus for Thanksgiving Day.  They enjoyed spending the day with the entire Threadgill family and especially the newest member of the family, great-grandson William Threadgill.
Over Thanksgiving Dink and Edna Gibson enjoyed a visit with their son, Michael and his two sons, Daniel and Davis.
Gayle Steed of Memphis, Tennessee, arrived on Wednesday for an overnight visit in the home of her parents, Barbara and Lamar Gatewood. 
Rhett Mitchell was in town over the weekend, participating in the joint Christmas Cantata held Sunday evening at the Forest United Methodist Church. Hope you were able to attend! In the afternoon was a lovely reception honoring Nell Stewart, who is retiring at the end of the month from full time church service, following 40 years of active participation. Congratulations, Nell!
Dr. Archie and Kay Howard left on Tuesday for Houston, Texas, to spend the Thanksgiving holidays in the home of her sister, Vickie and Dwight Pickle.  They also enjoyed a visit with son, Dr. Austin Howard, returning to Forest on Sunday.
Allen and Mitzi Breland flew to New York City Thanksgiving morning for a five-day visit with daughter, Marianna.  They enjoyed seeing the sights of the City, as well as a Broadway play.
We are saddened to learn of the  passing of Joe Gordy, earlier this fall.  President of the 1958 senior class of Forest High School, the well known horticultural expert founded popular and internationally acclaimed NDI industries, headquartered for years in Brewton, Alabama.  Our thoughts continue to be with Joe’s wife, as well as extended family and friends.
Roseanne Lynn spent her Thanksgiving in Asheville with John and Carol Lynn from Social Circle, Georgia; grandson Richard from Athens, Georgia, and grandson, John and Christie and son Hudson Martin from Thomasville, North Carolina.  Roseanne said she’s glad to be feeling much better, following a recent flu bug, and is now preparing for the holiday season.
The Class of 1958 is considering ‘piggy-backing’ their 60th Reunion with the annual Nabs and Coke FHS gathering for all Forest High School graduates, which is usually the 3rd Saturday in July. The class reunion plans are tentatively to gather on that morning at Penn’s Restaurant for a coffee/donut thing and eat lunch at the restaurant.  The Nabs and Coke starts about 1:30 at the Kat’s Kave, where we will have opportunity to see many friends from classes both ahead and behind. A number from this reunion class already plan to attend.  Surely sounds like fun!!  Some addresses are still needed.  If you are in contact with any members of this FHS class, please let them know of these summer plans. They are asked to get in touch with Rhett Mitchell, either at his email address or cell,  601-812-9401.
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