Forest News

Happy Birthday:

June 12:  Carolyn Guyse, James Sanderson, Mike Smith, Charlotte Jones, June Windham, Sonny Gibbs, Rowanna Pope, Lisa Colbert, Ronnie Risher, Todd Bryan Christopher, Kristi Heflin, Rusty Risher, Kimberly Faye Webb, Brandon Chambers, John Tyke Sims

June 13: Rusty Healy, Robin Risher, Dorris Nanny, Robbi Doherty, Joshua Benjamin Harris

June 14: Nan Elise Jacob, Donny McCrory, Rosemary Hopkins, Denise Shaw, Bitsey Halford Buegel, Janis Leaf, Roger Guyse, Susan Strebeck, Benjamin Steele Sims, Mark Harrell

June 15: Ronnie Davis, Tommy Burns, Vilenicia Thrasher, Olin Cooksey, Steven Gilbert, Steven Smith

June 16: Peggy Harvey, Linda Keemum, Jimmy Lynn Mayfield, Johnnie Mae Sawyer Jones, Lee Stegall, Tye Gaddis, Megan Mitchell Janezic, Randy Eason, Bayley Butler, Sue Williams, Sandra Duncan Shaw,

June 17: Dean Rutland, Debbie Sanders, Frances Halford Hellen, Harold Gary, Jimmy May, Jean Crotwell, Jeff M. Moore, E. Scott Graham

June 18: Ricky Earl Fortenberry, Mickey Hawkins, Duncan Beard, Lesa Chamblee, Zachary Rushing, Kenny McCrory, Danny Thomas, Ethan Warren, Abi Baggett

If you see some familiar faces walking around town, we iust learned the Forest High School Class of 1963 will have their annual gathering at Penn’s in Forest, Saturday, June 22 at 6:00. 

So sorry to learn of the passing of long time Forest resident and well known pianist, Linda Wright Brantley, wife of Dan Brantley, who passed away unexpectedly last Monday evening. Memorial services were held at Hillcrest United Methodist Church on Thursday. Please keep Dan and all the family in your thoughts at this especially difficult time.

Elizabeth Ann Lovett visited in the home of her niece, Ellen and Dave Smitson of Zionsville, Indiana. In addition to their trip to Chicago, uwhere they saw HAMILTON and WEST SIDE STORY, they traveled to the “lake house” in Culver, Indiana, for the Memorial Day weekend. They were joined by her great niece, Mary and Shawn Aitken  and children, John and Ann.

First time visitor of Irene Martin  recently was Melissa Bates of Forkville.

The Martins enjoyed a celebration cookout Sunday afternoon honoring Steve and Karon Martin on their anniversary, Karon's birthday and Karon's baptism at Harperville Baptist Church. Getting together were Irene, Steve, Karon, Russell, Mary and Tara Martin, Zach Whittington, Wayne, Cathy, Elijah and Justus Harvey.

Folks continue to  ask about Beverley Rhodes’ great grandfather’s restored Civil War Era home in Newton.  Group tours can be arranged by calling 601-745-6598 for information. The McElroy-Hoye House is also popular for activities such as weddings, receptions, luncheons and club meetings.  Check it out!!

To Forest High School Bearcats:  When it gets this hot in The South, it begins to feel like NABS AND COKE WEEKEND!  The date is July 19 and 20 in our hometown of Forest.  Friday night kicks the weekend off with a dinner at Gatewood Gallery. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Reservations required and can be made on FHS Site or by contacting John Roby or me.  There will be more fun that night with a “Concert in the Park” featuring Trey Jones (FHS ‘91) and his Luckenbach Band, a Forest Community Event! On Saturday, we have the original Nabs Party which starts at 1:30 at Kats Kave. Free. Just bring your own “Nabs and Cokes!”  More details will be available in this column and on FHS Reminiscing Site.  

FYI...The Oak will be open for lunch on Saturday, and the museum “Remember When” will also be open that day.

Chairmen Kelly and Kaye Smith Hodges remind us this is year number NINE for them to organize this weekend of events in our hometown. “Old friends appear from far and near.  We have many loyal helpers and could not do this without them. Hope you will plan to join us this year.” 

Plans are also underway for the Forest High School Class of ‘69 50-year reunion that will be held July 27th at B. Gatewood Studio.  Please contact reunion committee chairman Jill Ferguson Randall at 601-832-4377 or Dianne Rushing Walker at 601-900-8615 for more information. 

What a positive attitude Laurie Lee possesses, as she recuperates from her recent surgery at Women’s Hospital at River Oaks in Flowood! 

Laurie, we continue to keep you in our thoughts! 

Just learned that Janice Alford Burt has been in St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson, and doing well following surgery. Wishing for you a speedy recovery.  Get well soon, Janice!

So happy to learn that Edna Gibson is at home and doing well!!  She returned to Forest after spending six weeks at Mississippi Care Center in Morton in time to enjoy celebrating her birthday last Tuesday. She reports hearing from many friends and family from “far and wide” on her special day. 

Among those who were at Ole Miss last weekend for the Oxford Regional Baseball Tournament were Noble, Paula and Roy Noble Lee, Scott Palmer, Sean and Krista Franklin, Darrell and Paula Brown and Allen Breland.

Jim McCormick of Atlanta spent several days last week in Forest.

Greg Breland of Collins, Allen’s dad, recently moved here where he is a resident at the Bee Hive.  Welcome to Forest, Mr. Breland!

Judge Tom and Norma Ruth Lee attended the funeral services for their friend. Senator Thad Cochran. The friendship goes back many years ago when Norma Ruth was in Rose and Thad’s wedding in New Albany.

Thanks to those who took time out from their busy schedules to send updates! We’d like to hear more from you, too, and you can reach us by email at