The Message


The Shame Heart

In the same way that our fingerprints are different, in many other aspects we are different. However, we have the same heart. Not only does our DNA identify us, and our external appearances are different, each child of God has his own identity. Although such differences were created, God accepts all those who have a heart ready for Him. “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.” (Acts 10:34b-35 ESV)

No doubt from the beginning societies and communities have had their prejudices. These prejudices have not only been a barrier of separation but have also been the cause of social struggles and wars. The Christian church has not been an exception but rather a paradox that contradicts the principles on which it was founded. However, God has always been calling us to a service where we should not only serve but obey-service that does not raise doubts or scruples that still exist together with the prejudices of many people.

If we are disciples of Christ we need to know that He inspired the Word in the Holy Scriptures and it is them we must follow when we prepare to serve Him. Since we are of a sinful nature, Jesus paid with his blood the atonement for our sins so that the true church adheres to the gospel that God sent to the children of Israel. Our hearts fear God and at the same time loves and obeys Him. All our actions need to be oriented toward satisfying the Lord’s desires. We must mainly bring the Good News to those who do not know Him because our faith is built on everything that the apostles and prophets gave to us.

When the love of God enters our hearts there will be nothing like it. When that happens and we live in unity with Him, everything seems easier to accept and to obey as if the commandments are easier to follow and the tribulations that we normally have in this world are more bearable and manageable.

Everything depends on our dedication and attitude toward Him. We have to let the Holy Spirit guide our lives on the path that many refuse to follow. Never forget that we all have the same heart.

May God bless you.



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