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Ms. Allie Mae Creel’s 100th Birthday party is June 3

Mark the date on your calendar for Sunday June 3, 2-4 p.m. Sebastopol Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Let’s celebrate the 100th birthday of Ms. Allie Mae Creel. Ms. Allie Mae turns 100 on May 30. A great celebration for a special lady.

Prayers and concern for the following people: Junior Boatner, Sue Pullin, Harmon Lathem, Jessica Graham Williams, Betty Wall, Kim Kiddy, Bobby Woods, Cynthia Arthur, Junior Pullin, Ty Lofton, Annette Davis, Larry McDill, Shelia Hedrick, Kameron Buffington, Kolby Buffington, Steve King, Clay Pugh, Shanna Thrash Cumberland, Don Johnson, Kemper Gomillion, Wyatt Gomillion, Shirley Boxx, Sada Sistrunk, Gloria Anderson, Bert Gilmore, Brenda Joyce Abel, April Finton, Becky Mclain, Charles Breedlove, Teresa Breedlove, George Fisher, Carleton Thrash, Frances Loper, Zack Embry (infant son of Vickie (Powe) and Joseph Embry, Sonny Howell, Johnny and Sue Thrash, Cliff Woods, my sister Gloria Boozer, Charlie Hardin, Sr., Delinda Bradford, Nett Madden, Patricia Lathem.

Pray for each other. We all are in need of prayer as we face the difficulties of today’s society.

Happy birthday to the following people: Rhonda Jones, Billy Mack Pace, Katie Corley, Jason Greene, Lori Bozeman, Michelle Rushing, Ellie Killen.

Happy anniversary to Jimmy and Minnie Anthony.

 Congratulations to the Class of 2018.

Thought to ponder: “When I hear people live by the book, I always wonder which one.”

— Alexsandra Ninkovic