Thelma Keyes

Jesus is there to refresh our souls

Good Morning / Evening!

The Bible says to be still and know that He is God. Sometimes we have to still our hearts, our minds and body, and know that God is in control. Stop trying to figure it all out and work it all out on our own. We have to give it all to God and ask Him to do what we cannot do. You see, it doesn’t matter who sits in the position of power, God is still in charge!

On Saturday we had our Baptizing Service, God is adding to New Beginnings Church family both spiritually and physically. Thanks to all who were a part of this great occasion, may God continually bless you. The fellowship was gracious.

Pastor Henderson's message on Sunday morning came from James 1:1-3; subject- “Stability in the midst of a Trial!” Just as when we were children and had a little “boo boo”, we always ran to mama for consolation to make it better; well now that we are adults and hopefully we go to God as the stable force in our own lives to deal with our children.

This month has taken a lot out of me emotionally and I am sure it has for others also. But it is good news to know that Jesus is always there to refresh our souls. No matter how many are calling on Him, He is still able to hear us!

Last week one of my closest friends said farewell to her husband (Eugene Odom); he was a true friend and a good man. Please pray for his family and encourage his wife, Sandra, whenever you see her.

“For no one is abandoned by the Lord forever. Though He brings grief, He also shows compassion because of the greatness of His unfailing love.”

Prayers of comfort to the Miles; Odom; Beamon/Darby; Wheaton;  families; and to the family and friends of Mr. “Short Dog”.

We are still praying for all the sick and shut-ins in and around our communities and all caregivers. Sheila and Joel Hunt, James Monk King, Earnestine Bobbitt, Mallory Smith, Douglas Barber, Emma Jean White, Lisa Thames, Dottie Sue Williams, Bobby Joe Harrison, Nancy Hughes, Joe Townsend, Terry Moncrief, Willie A. Thompson, Mary Smith, Pearl Watts, Pearl King and Ethel Coleman.

Congratulations to Courtney Derricks for being selected for membership in the Scott County Chapter of the National Honor Society and to Jalen Derricks for making the Principal List! They are both students at Scott Central and my nephews!