Thelma Keyes

Our Hope is God alone!

Good Morning/Evening!

Stop worrying, “Stop being anxious and worried about your life, who of you by worrying and being anxious can add one cubit of measure to his stature or to the span of his life?” Matthew 6:25,27

This past week’s events have refreshed some memories of a time in my life when I felt really lost and alone while surrounded by many friends and family members trying to be helpful and offer words of encouragement after the passing of my husband. You see I had three women that  are a part of my circle who bid farewell to their husbands literally within three days. Women left to carry on the household and family issues is not an easy job. There needs to be a grieving period and there is no timetable for how long that is. Every person is different, and all situations are not the same.

There is a void that appears and you never know exactly what to fill it with. Everyone has suggestions, but it’s hard. The best advice I received when Leon died, came from an older lady who I respected (Mother Ethel Taylor); she told me to do me! If that meant going outside and screaming as loud as I could, or throwing something to get pass the hurt at that moment, do it. She said, you don’t have to try to please those around you, but take care of yourself and allow God and time to heal you! I am forever grateful for the sharing of her experienced wisdom. Maybe this will help someone!

We are always in prayer for the sick and shut-ins and their caregivers.

We pray for comfort and peace for the families in bereavement: Patrick/Lewis; Hensley; Townsend; Haralson; Edwards; Evans/Roberts; Sanders and those families from all the school shootings.

Our hope is God alone!

New Beginnings Church family and Pastor Allan Henderson send a heartfelt “Thank You” to all those who came out and shared in the Installation Service on Sunday. Special appreciation to Pastor P. J. Williams and Cornerstone Baptist Church; and Bro. Ray Magee; and to our MC, Ms. Allenteen London for a wonderful job. We enjoyed the fellowship and the love, in spite of the heat.

My hope is that everybody has a blessed week and recognize all the small miracles in and around us, don’t miss out by looking for something “Big”!