Thelma Keyes

Giving Thanks

Good Morning/Evening!

“But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me. If you keep to my path I will reveal to you the salvation of God.”

Thankfulness means looking beyond self interest to express gratitude for God’s blessings. If you stop to take inventory of how many self-less people you see in your life (including yourself) you might be really surprised at the number! Because we tend to take for granted the acts of kindness and helping hands given to us and never say “Thank you!” And I know that sometimes we are so overwhelmed , and yes even a little ashamed that we got to that point of need; and can’t find the words to express our feelings of gratitude. Not only should we thank the person, but we should thank God for the instilling of the Holy Spirit and a willing and gracious heart into that person who is always there for you!

Pastor Henderson’s sermon came from John 1:12-13; subject - “The Power To Become The Sons of God.” One of the key themes in the Book of John is “Light.” Jesus Christ is the Light offered to the world by God. And only through divine renewal can we follow the Light and enter God’s family. You must believe in Christ to become children of God.

Pastor Henderson and First Lady gave goodie bags to the children on Sunday after service and to a few adults who are really big kids at heart!

Our prayer list of friends, family members and even strangers to some, we petition the throne of grace on their behalf: Joel Hunt, Catherine Shepard, Elder Roy Murray, May Hunt, Mae Derricks, Virginia Tucker, Terry Moncrief, Minnie Tucker, Will Hughes, Rev. Neal Keeton, Doris Holifield, Mack & Minnie Roberts, R. C. Williams, Donnie C. Hughes, Jerry Smith, Choppa Wilson, Mary Smith, K. Y. Craft, Demond Lewis, Jasmine Jackson, Braylin Jackson, Avery Herron, Brandy Jackson, Joseph Herron & family, Mia Jackson, Nicholas Jackson & family, Sandra Simpson & family, and 1st Lady Roslind Henderson.

Prayers of comfort and peace for the Haralson/Donald; Lindsey; McClendon families during their time of sorrow.

I hope all of find reasons to smile and share your joy with others as you go through your daily walk of life. I hear a smile is contagious, so spread it, will not cost you anything but you may gain something!