Thelma Keyes

Don’t give with the mindset of getting

Good Morning /Evening!

“You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”  2Corithians 9:7 NLT

There was a time at church when it was time for tithes and offerings, (you do know they are different), the pastor would say “it’s time for giving” and the congregation would shout “Praise the Lord.” And then he would say “the Lord loves a cheerful giver!” It feels good to give with love and thankfulness for all God has done for you. Don’t give with the mindset of getting something in return (wrong motive). And never feel bad or ashamed that you can’t give as much as the next person, because we are not all on the financial level, but we are all special in God’s. He treasures my one dollar just as much as  your 10, as long as it comes from the heart with no strings attached. Don’t stop giving back to God...He gave His All for us!!!!

Pastor Henderson’s sermon came from Luke 6:47-48, on Sunday morning and his subject was “Obeying Jesus.” The choir sang beautifully and our young people carried out the devotion in godly fashion.

On Saturday night we attended a Christmas Program and Dinner at Little Rock M.B. Church. The guest speaker was Rev. Shirley Wilder, Pastor of Lynch Chapel UM Church. Her message was “The Perfect Gift” from Luke: 2:11-12. There was a presentation of the Christmas colors; and Deacon Jimmy Robinson gave us a wonderful rendition of an all time favorite Christmas song by Nat King Cole. It was a great night and the food was delicious. And the décor was outstanding.

We are in continued prayer for our country and  all the people around and in our communities who stand in need intercessory prayer.

Congratulations to our Scott Central Rebels on winning the 2018 2A Championship; and to our Peewee team on their win in the semi-finals. And to all the coaches, and everyone associated in the progress “DaybyDay!” Go Rebels!!!! We are very proud of all of you, and a great job to the Scott Central Rebel Pride Band!