Thelma Keyes

Put your love to work

Good Morning/Evening!

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16 NRSV

On Saturday morning I attended the Home Going Celebration of Deacon Joseph Craft, a man that when you met him, you always looked forward to seeing him again. There was something special about being in his presence. Pastor Derricks gave a eulogy that spoke of the life of this man that showed what we felt being around him.  And then as Sunday School was being taught I realized that Deacon Craft was one who was actually the “Salt” and the “Light” that makes you want to do better at spreading God’s love. He made a difference and his smile and demeanor would light up a room. As Rev. Derricks said we should ask ourselves “Are We Ready?” Keep the Craft family and Hopewell M. B. Church lifted in prayer as they begin the healing process.

We are also in continued prayer of healing and endurance for all the sick and shut-ins in every community near and far. Betty Nell White; Marcus Mann; Juanita Banks; Earlene Williams; Mary Smith; Kent Bradford; Robert Murray; Mary Shepard; Mae Ruth Robinson; Bonnie Odom; Ernestine Bobbitt; May and Joel Hunt; Michael and Ronnie Parker, Earthquake victims;  and flooding victims.

Prayers of comfort and peace for the Lovelady; Craft; and Thompson families.

Revival: New Beginning M. B. Church in Hillsboro on July 15-July 19, 2019 starting at 7:00 P.M. nightly; Evangelist will be Pastor Allan Henderson. Come out and hear a Word from God!

Expecting a Spirit-Filled Revival of Souls!!!

Sending a heavenly Happy Birthday to my Daddy Mr. Arther Evans (10) I/We miss you everyday!

Other Birthday Wishes this week – Virginia Tucker, Veronica Mazique, Ashanti Murry, Courtney Derricks, Lashunda Bobbitt, Sytoria Wash, and Louise Dillon. Hope you all enjoy your day and do something positive!!

Challenge yourself to be a better friend to someone you have not spoken to in awhile!

Sometimes we think of someone and we never check on them, I am guilty of this too; but I have been working on doing better. If you cross my mind I will make time to try to contact you even if it is just for a minute, saying “Hello, how are you?” It could brighten that persons’ day and I know it will put a smile in your heart. Put your love to work!!!!