Thelma Keyes

Use the self-control God provides for you

“And endurance develops maturity of character. And character produces joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.”   Romans 5:4

By spending time with God, you can be filled with His Spirit and controlled by His power to live a calm life. Consciously try to add self-control to your behavior today. You will not enjoy your day if anything is out of control. You can keep your temper, moods, emotions, appetite (hardest for me), mouth and thoughts in line with God’s word if you give Him control over the areas you want to overcome with faith.  God created us with free will, so when you feel those things starting to take over, use the self-control that He has freely made available to us.

On Sunday morning Pastor Henderson preached from Psalm 95:3; subject — The God We Worship.

The greatness of God is unlimited. His voice is powerfully delivered to all who will hear. It can be heard all over the world at once, without the use of a microphone or speakers! He can bless me, you and someone else at the same time with totally different needs and none go lacking. What a Might God We Serve.

Our intercessory prayer list: May Hunt, Joel Hunt, Ernestine Bobbitt, Mother Callie R. Gilmore, Betty Nell White, Juanita Banks, Mary Smith, Annie Eva Evans-Lee, Oliver Holifield, Linda Parrott, Joe Townsend, Ethel Taylor, Wanda Little, JoNiyah Johnson, Innette Bradford, Larry Bobbitt, Verbie Lyles, Betty Lyles, Bobby Joe Harrison, and all their caregivers.

Prayers of comfort and peace for the families in sorrow, Butler, Pinkston, Dotson, and Bufkin, and all others I don’t know of. God is able and willing to carry you through.

There is so much pain, fear and uncertainty around us these days. So much we don’t understand, and we want to help and ease some of the pressures of others, but where to begin, we may ask. The first place and best place to start is in prayer to our Creator, our prayers can reach destinations we can’t.

God, we don’t know what to do with all the brokenness we see in our world, the brokenness within us. Lord we ask that You shine Your light on us and heal Your people.

Sending a Happy Birthday Wish to Marietta L. Spivey on tomorrow, I love you!!!!!