Accidents on rain slickened highways cause delays on Interstate 20, Hwy. 35

Two unrelated accidents on rain slickened highways within the city of Forest caused major traffic delays just after noon on Monday.

The first accident, pictured above, on Interstate 20 at the 89 mile maker near the Forest exit blocked both lanes of eastbound traffic after an 18 wheeler carrying flipped across the highway.

The driver was reported to have non life threatening injuries.

The second accident, pictured at right, blocked the southbound lanes of Highway 35 at the Wal-Mart intersection when an 18-wheeler carrying lumber and a black unidentified vehicle hit head on.

The impact with the 18-wheeler, in turn, forced the other vehicle into the passenger side of a Dodge Ram truck and, according to an eye witness, possibly another truck waiting in the east bound turning lane.

No injuries were reported in that accident although traffic was tied up for a while during the lunch hour.

The law enforcement officers who investigated both of the accidents could not be reached for further details by press time on Tuesday.