Contract let for Hwy. 35 overpass

Highway 80 overlay west of overpass delayed by weather

Almost a year to date since the right lane of the Highway 35 South overpass in Forest was closed for repairs, a contract has been let and work is scheduled to begin this spring. In addition, motorists who have been concerned that the overlay project of Highway 80 on the west side of the KC Southern overpass has not quite been completed will be happy to know help is on the way.

“The bridge repair project on State Route 35 over Kansas City Southern Railroad in Scott County was recently let to Gibson and Associates, Inc., for a contract amount of approximately $855,000,” Mississippi Department of Transportation Spokesperson Michael Flood said last week. “The project consists of abrasive blasting, repairing and painting the super structure and other bridge components. The anticipated completion date is summer 2020.”

Flood said that the main reason for the delay in the bridge work, was because of the railroad. “They are waiting on the railroad to approve their permit,” he said. As far as additional lane closures, during the repair project, he said none were expected.

As for Highway 80, Flood said, “during the overlay project performed last year, it was discovered that the northwest corner of the bridge approach had washed. It was decided during the project to omit that section and repair it with other forces.”

He added that District 5 maintenance crews will repair the failed slope, stabilize the area and make modifications to the current drainage pattern. “Wet conditions have hampered these efforts,” Flood concluded.