Culpeppers breath new life into grand old building


A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight. — Robertson Davies.


Davies was a Canadian Novelist and journalist; his words aspired by many. Aspirations are not only through words but also peoples’ acts and pursuits of their passions, being able to see ideas through their own ideology of turning something dilapidated by time and yet erecting it with passion.

That is what Janet and Harry Culpepper are doing with part of the old Thomas Great “M” building in downtown Forest. The newly renovated building will be the home to Triplett Realty Services which includes credit recovery, home owners insurance and the listing and purchasing of a home.

Janet Culpepper saw the unseen, the desperation of a building crying out wanting to come back to life. Looking into the heart and soul of the structure; Janet saidshe could see the fullness of the building and the stability of its walls and floors. She could see the full potential of a dream.

“We want the true feeling of a home environment for our clients, friends, and family.” Culpepper, who is a realtor/broker with Triplett Realty in Forest, has worked hard all of her life trying to bring the good out of people. She is heavy in her faith and always giving a helping hand to others.

Harry Culpepper, Janet’s husband, “was the one who pushed for us to buy it,” she said. “We both decided to step out on faith and take the plunge.” Harry was the  owner of Culpepper Sales for 42 years and Janet owned L’s Korner for 10 yrs. “I have been with Triplett Realty Services for three and half years,” she said.

O.B. Triplett the principle broker with the agency said, “Janet is aggressive and a go-getter that has a vision for expansion. I just kind of look over her shoulder.” “She is very conscientious about her work and provides much needed services to the Scott County market area for buyers and sellers.”

It’s not often that we see older historic towns come to life, however, in Forest it’s a different story. Mayor Nancy Chambers said when people are spending their time and money on improvements in the downtown area, “we are real supportive.” With new sidewalks stretching along side Main Street allowing pedestrians to walk with ease and lights stringed above luminating this historic street at night.

With time not sparing contractor Bill Blossom, and his crew have labored hard and fast making great time. The old building stands firm holding itself up with newly installed 200 year old wood columns, waiting for its time to open its doors once again.