Deputies claim Top 10 spots nationally

Four deputies from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) ranked in the top ten overall against teams from all parts of the United States last weekend in the North American Sniper Competition.

The deputies that competed were Brad Ellis, Bryant Creel, Justin Mcdill, and Joey Rigby. The deputies were split up into two teams for the SCSD.

Team one was Ellis and Creel and Team two was Mcdill and  Rigby. Both of these teams finished with scores that advanced them into the top ten category.

Rigby and Mcdill finished 8th and Ellis and Creel finished 3rd. Creel also won the top shot Competition.

“These teams worked hard during this competition,”Sheriff Mike Lee said. “The Competition isn’t just shooting, it’s very physical as well.” Lee also stated that this competition puts the shooters in all types of simulated situations.

“I am very proud of them for the dedication that these deputies had to get ready for this competition,” Lee said.

The NASC had top teams from around the country that are law enforcement and military snipers. Most of theses teams are full time SWAT snipers and have the opportunity to shoot regularly.