Moncrief Furniture expands in Forest

A Forest building that once housed new Chevrolet vehicles will now be the home of new furniture.

It all started with a well rounded civic business man, Jack Lee. In 1951, Lee moved to Forest to become the president of Lee Corporations. Four years later Lee partnered with C.P. Gray. Lee then became the manager of Lee-Gray Chevrolet Company.

In October 1963 Lee was the first automobile dealer in Mississippi to receive the National Ben Franklin Quality Dealer award. This award was given to Lee for his “outstanding record of successful business operations and personal civic endeavors.” Lee had owned multiple businesses within the Lee Corporations.

One of these businesses was the Lee-Gray Chevrolet Company. The building remains on the southeast corner of Hwy 80 and Main Street.

Years went by and Jack turned the business over to his son Buddy Lee, Buddy kept his dad’s legacy going by starting Buddy Lee Chevrolet Company. The company then swapped hands — but still staying in the family — to his brother John.

John Ed Lee kept the Chevrolet business going with his company, Lee Chevrolet Olds. Between the three of them Jack, John Ed, and Buddy, they decided to retire the Chevrolet businesses and divide the building into sections in order to rent the sections out to other businesses. Over the years there have been several businesses that have come and gone.

In March 2017, local furniture store owner, Bingham Moncrief bought the old Chevrolet building. Moncrief has owned Moncrief Furniture since December of 1992.

Moncrief said that the offer to buy the old Chevrolet building was brought to his attention and he decided that having the furniture store at this location would not only be a prime location but also the windows that surround the once Chevrolet car showroom would make for a great way to look inside on at the great selections of furniture.

“The square footage that this building provides is a lot more than my other store,” Moncrief said. “We are going from 12,000 square feet to 27,384 square feet which more than doubled our space.”

The old Chevrolet building will be set up in three phases. “The show room which is almost complete is phase one. Phase two is where our delivery trucks will be parked which is within the building. Phase three will be a whole other show floor which will consist of our motion furniture units,” Moncrief said.

Moncrief furniture in their new location will consist of stationary furniture and motion furniture that can be remotely reclined.

The furniture brands will consist of Lazy Boy, Home Stretch, Standard, Simmons Beauty Rest, Crown Mark, Lane, Largo, Stein World, Washington, Brooks Glider Rockers, and also mattresses by Spring Air.

Moncrief concluded by saying, “this is a wonderful opportunity, being able to display our furniture inside the old Lee-Grey Chevrolet building.”