Morton PD and FD making a difference


The Morton Police Department and Fire Department work together to serve and protect the citizens of Morton, but both agencies went above and beyond this holiday season. The departments came together to coordinate their first annual Christmas Toy Drive to benefit some of the less fortunate in and around Morton. Both departments know there is more to service than just keeping the citizens safe and their efforts this year will have made Christmas a more joyous time for a number of children.

Members from both groups recognized that there are some families and elderly individuals that could use a little help during Christmas. They planned this year’s toy drive and teamed up with Fred’s Dollar Store in Morton to make the drive a huge success. Because of these concerted efforts approximately 30 children ages 5 to 14, and elderly patients at Mississippi Care Center of Morton, received gifts for Christmas they would have normally gone without. Bringing holiday joy to these less fortunate children and elderly individuals was the original goal of the drive and by all accounts their efforts were a complete success.

“The PD and FD came together and partnered with local businesses to make this event happen,” said Morton Chief of Police Nicky Crapps. “This was truly a team effort to help less fortunate children in Morton have a better Christmas.”

School officials in Morton provided a list of about 30 names that would be the beneficiaries of the toy drive’s effort. Once orrinizers had a target list of children to help they got right to work.

Toy drive organizers say that Lynn Adcox at Fred’s Dollar Store in Morton played an extremely vital role in the success of the first annual toy drive by hosting the drop off location for all present donations. “I would like to especially thank Lynn at Fred’s for her help with making this toy drive a success,” said Crapps. “Fred’s hosted our drop off location and we could not have achieved these results without Lynn’s help.”

While Fred’s played a crucial role in the success of the toy drive Crapps said that there were many partners to thank. “We would like to thank French’s Pharmacy, Walmart, Chambers Body Shop and Fishermans Corner for their partnership and help with the toy drive,” he said. “Every project is only as good as those you have involved and between the PD, FD and our business partners we had a tremendous group of organizers and supporter’s that made this event possible.”

The toy drive collected approximately 100 gifts that were handed out to the children from Morton Schools and were distributed at the nursing home on and before Christmas.

Morton PD Officer Janiece Odom, one of the events organizers, said that there was joy and love passed along to each of the toy drive’s recipients in the form of the gifts. She said that the efforts of the police department, fire department and all partners was just proof that so many are willing to pass along God’s blessings when asked to do so. Those blessings go along way to help families and individuals who might now have otherwise enjoyed this Christmas quite as much.

With the first annual toy drive in the books and labeled a complete success, organizers are looking forward to the help and joy that their future drives will bring to the citizens of Morton. Both the Morton Police Department and Morton Fire Department are planning to make this toy drive an annual event and only look for more gifts in the future.

“The more gifts we collect means the more smiles and joy we can spread,” said Officer Odom. “This is the time of year to bless everyone, may God bless each and everyone with blessings of kindness.”

There is little doubt that both the Morton PD and FD know that “to protect and serve” goes far beyond patrolling the streets and responding to emergencies. Both departments showed this Christmas that they truly understand and practice the “serve” in that slogan and all of Morton is better for it.



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