Scott County EMA Safety Expo is August 18th

The Scott County Emergency Management Agency is sponsoring a Safety Expo that will be held at Gaddis Park in Forest on August 18 from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. SEMA has been planning this event since May 2018 and would like to invite all Scott Countians to attend the 2018 Safety Expo that will have free admission to everyone. 
SEMA is hosting the event to provide the public with the opportunity to meet representatives from agencies that provide first responders and medical care to the local towns and communities. 
SEMA expects this event will be mutually beneficial for both representatives and citizens as this will allow both to share information, answer questions and hear concerns. 
“We are holding this event to offer the public a chance to get to know their local first responders and to learn about many of the options available to them should a need arise,” said SEMA Safety Exo subcommittee member Kimberly Moses. “In addition, it is our hope to educate the public in disaster preparedness.” 
The planning subcommittee has worked hard to make the event interactive with visitors and to provide as much learning material as possible. In addition to first responders, local medical care providers will be present and have booths with representatives and information from their clinics and hospitals. SEMA looks to provide the public with information about all options for medical care and emergency services in Scott County.  
The Safety Expo will also have real life demonstrations and simulations for the public to experience. This will include an in-service fire truck, police cruisers, drunk driving simulators, Life-Flight helicopter, fire extinguisher demos, BB shooting range and much more. 
The more information people have about possible disaster situations the better they may be able to react if they ever find themselves in those circumstances. “While our first responders will be active during a disaster event, it is always a good idea to increase the odds of a successful survival for you and your family,” says Moses. “I think the most important take away from this event should be the knowledge to get your family prepared for any type of disaster that may happen.”
SEMA looks to incorporate some fun and enjoyment in the event so that families can enjoy their time while learning how to be better prepared for anything that could happen in the future. When disaster happens, more knowledge means a family is far better prepared for any disaster situation they may encounter. 
In anyone is interested in getting more information about the Scott County Emergency Management Agency they can visit the agency’s Facebook page (Scott County LEPC) or attend any of the monthly meetings that are held on the first Thursday of each month. Moses says, “the more community participation we have the better prepared we as a county are.” 
SEMA has worked hard to put together a great 2018 Safety Expo and looks forward to this public event. “Our committee has worked very hard to ensure we hold a very exciting and educational event for our community and we truly hope everyone comes out and participates on August 18.”
Members of the committee pictured here, in no particular order, include Nicole Kennedy, Mike Marlow, Joel Davidson, Scott Jones, Ben Barham, Denise Hawkins, Lanay Russum, Ginger Cruz, Mike Sanders, Alan Henderson, Shon Byrd, Christy Cooksey, David Tracy, Vickie Harlason, Casey Burns, Farrell Madison, Amy Hollingsworth, Somer Moore and Sister Eileen Hauswald.