WDD shirts and poster designed by local artist Renee Nester


The 16th Annual Wing Dang Doodle Festival t-shirts and posters that will begin flooding the area as September 28 quickly approaches, were created by amateur artist Renee Nester of Lake. The Forest Area Chamber of Commerce normally looks to someone in its membership to design the shirts and posters each year, and this year Nester was happy to step up and create a wonderful design.

Nester is a full time dental hygienists at Dr. Douglas Woods dental practice in Forest. Ironically it was during her time in hygienist school when Nester first took up the hobby of drawing.

“I really draw for fun as a hobby,” Nester said. “I started drawing and painting to relieve stress during dental hygienist school. I actually used painting and drawing to practice how I was supposed to hold your dental utensils while working on patients.”

Nester’s creativity led to this year’s design which depicts a patriotic chicken due to the election season. The chicken itself is part of the tradition on which the WDD was originally founded.

“I wanted the chicken to look patriotic because of all the elections going on,” explained Nester. “First I drew a chicken and then I had to figure out what it would be doing. I spoke with Amanda Cox and we talked about several different ideas. Her husband is running for office so we took that and I decided on the patriotic chicken for the election season that is still underway.”

In order to take her idea and drawing from the pad to print, Nester worked with Chris Ingram at Ingram’s Screen Printing which is locally owned and operated.

“I had worked with Chris as Ingram’s in the past so everything really worked out great. He was a big part of taking my original drawing and bringing it to life on the WDD shirts and posters,” Nester said.

Nester categorizes her drawings as whimsical meaning they are playful and vibrant and drawn with an almost carefree hand. This form of art is most often associated with illustrations in children’s books and are intended to lift the spirit and bring on joy.

“I’m a whimsical drawer,” Nester said. “I most often draw things that are more out-of-the-box style. I looked up many pictures of chickens in the attempt to get the direction I would go in, but realized I couldn’t draw the kinds of chickens I found in my search. So, I just took my pad and drew a chicken in the way I always draw and this is how it came out.”

Both display posters and event t-shirts are available at the Forest Chamber. For more information, or to purchase a t-shirt you can contact the Chamber at 601-469-4332.

Forest Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Allyce Lott said this year’s t-shirts and posters really depict the fun nature of the WDD event. “We really believe that Renee captured the identity of the WDD festival in her drawings. The shirts and the posters both came out looking great and they will serve us well over the next month getting ready for the 2019 WDD.” She said.

Event goers will have the chance to meet the hobby artists that created this year’s shirts during the event. As part of the Chamber Hospitality Committee, Nester will be on hand at the booth where the event shirts are being sold during the 16th Annual WDD.

The 2019 WDD Festival is scheduled for September 28 starting at 8:00 a.m. at Gaddis Park in Forest.


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