New head football coach named at Scott Central Attendance Center

The Scott Central football team will be guided by a new head coach this coming year.

Devin Cooper a former player and assistant coach at Scott Central will lead the rebels into the next season.

“I spent six years as a secondary coach for the rebels,” Cooper said. “In 2012 I moved to Clinton to Coach under Judd Boswell as an assistant coach.

Cooper also stated that in 2014 he was the defense coordinator for Boswell. Cooper helped lead Clinton into a state championship during the 2016-2017 football season.

Those in adminstration believe that Cooper will be a great teacher and coach.

“I think Devon is going to do a great job. He is a home grown product,” Assistant Superintendent Chad Harrison said.

“I was a teacher, coach, and administrator there while Cooper was a student. He is going to be a great role model for the students. I believe that he will bring a lot of drive into the program and the students will be happy with him.”

Pat Henderson the Principial at Scott Central Stated that he truly believed Cooper will bring excitement into the football program. “He is a fine young man that will be representing the high school that he once was a part of.”

Cooper replaces Coach Jim Nowell who resigned last year.