Sebastopol champion to represent state in Australia this summer

Valrie Morris has been chosen to represent Sebastopol High School and Mississippi in Australia this summer competing in the track and field for a championship title.

Between the age of four and five, Morris lost her father in a vehicle accident. Years passed and she moved from Louisiana to live with her grandparents, along with her siblings in Sebastopol.

Morris said that losing her dad and her mom not being a part of her life had distracted her mind set.

“Although I was only 13 going into the seventh grade, I understood that the many unstable events that took place in my life matured me faster than others around me,” Morris said. “I needed something to take my mind off of everything that has happened in my life.”

Subsequently, Morris decided that sports could be the escape that she had been looking for. “I chose sports and sports chose me,” Morris said. “They distracted me from the world’s wicked ways.”  Morris said that sports helped her find the light that she had so long waited for.

“I played everything the first year that I was at Sebastopol from being a cheerleader to playing slow and fast pitch softball, band, and basketball,” she said.

When Morris was in the Ninth Grade she started going to church at New Hope Baptist Church. “I started to understand God had a plan for me, I didn’t understand it and many times I still don’t but he is there and I feel his presence every day of my life,” Morris said.

Morris’ sister, Kaitlyn, asked her if she would be interested in track and field.

Time went by and as a Junior in high school Morris is throwing the discus. She sits day after day and continuously goes over the routines of throwing the disc.

After winning regionals and the 1A State title she received a letter in the mail which stated that “Down Under Sports is pleased to announce that Morris from Sebastopol High School has been invited to represent Mississippi at the 30th annual Down Under Sports tournaments hosted on its gold coast of Australia on the 2018 Track and Field Team.”

 Morris will depart for Queensland, Australia on July 7 to compete down under for individual honors and a team championship title.

In a news release from the 2018 Down Under Sports program it states that the program will include competition in football, cross country, golf, track and field, basketball, and volleyball.  Also, the goal of the Down Under Sports events is to continue to provide athletes who excel in their sport the opportunity to experience the culture beauty and grandeur of its land down under all within the framework of spirited and intense competition.

Each participate must raise money to cover the cost of the ten day Australia Tournament Package. Fundraising is an important step to achieve the goal of competing on the international level.

“God has blessed me in so many ways and in saying that I am very thankful. I am honored to be representing my school, my town, my state, my country, but most of all my God,” Morris concluded.