Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Regarding Pastor Cartagena’s “Divided Society” article in the SCT last week:

You lock your car, your home, and your church when they are unattended, yet you do not understand that our United States, the freest, most generous nation on Earth, also requires protection?


Dear Editor:

The annual Holy Week services were wonderful! Forest United Methodist Church and Forest Baptist Church both did a fantastic job hosting this special event.

How all were so blessed by the fellowship, food and preaching. Each pastor provided insight and helped prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday.


Dear Editor:

The unwashed hordes of illegal immigrants, who are entering our country with impunity, view America as “heaven on earth.” They realize that once they cross the border, they are vested with all sorts of unmerited benefits because of lax immigration policies which are endorsed by the do-nothing United States Congress.