Hide Your Wallets

Dear Editor:

Hide your wallets!! The legislature is back in session!

Every year we seem to hear the same old song and dance from our representatives. This department or that agency can’t operate on the unbelievably low amount of their budget. Whether it’s our “Crumbling” roads and bridges or if we could just force the legislature to spend “x” amount of dollars on school funding, it’s always the same argument about the direction of our state from our Democrat leaders.

The state Democrats sound just like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer, how dare the tax payers to actually want to keep more of what they earn. It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference in state and national parties. They both think they can do a better job of spending your money than you can. What they won’t say is that actual spending grows constantly. Between FY 2004 and FY 2016, Mississippi’s general fund spending increased by 64 percent and its total state spending increased by 58 percent. Inflation in that same time period was about 29 percent. I personally would love to be spending 60 percent more than I did 12 years ago. How did the state even operate on such small spending numbers?

In Mississippi or on the national level, we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. We as voters need to remind our elected officials to spend within their means, protect our liberties and stop the political pandering.

Vance Cox

Chairman Scott County GOP