Chief reports to board on Forest Fire Department

Going into danger is not every ones choice of occupation, but in Forest, the fire department works hard to keep citizens out of harms way. FFD over the last year responded to 871 incidents with a response time within the city of 4.8 minutes from the time they received the call from the 911 dispatch.

Chief Jason Tilman presented the following report to the city last week during the mayor and board of aldermen meeting.

• Fire; 10 building fire’s; 4 cooking fire, confined to container; 1 incinerator overload or malfunction, fire confined; 1 fuel burner/boiler malfunction, fire confined; 1 fire in mobile home used as fixed residence; 1 mobile property (vehicle) fire other; 6 passenger vehicle fire; 7 road freight or transport vehicle fire; 1  brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire; 6 grass fires; 1 dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire; 1 outside storage fire; 2 outside equipment fire.

• Overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat (no fire): 2  excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition.

• Rescue and emergency medical service incidents: 2 medical assist, assist EMS crew; 6 emergency medical service, other; 587 EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury; 32 motor vehicle accident with injuries; 1 motor vehicle/pedestrian accident; 51 motor vehicle accident with no injuries; 2 extrication of victim(s) from vehicle.

• Hazardous condition (no fire): 6  hazardous condition, other; 7  gas leak (natural gas or LPG), 3 power lines down; 1 arcing,shorted electrical equipment.

• Service calls: 3  service call, other; 1  person in distress, other; 7  smoke or odor removal; 2 public service assistance, other; 9 public service.

• Good intent calls: 62 dispatched and cancelled en route; 1 no incident found on arrival at dispatch address; 4 authorized controlled burning; 4 smoke scare, odor of smoke.

• False alarm and false calls: 27 false alarm or false call, other; 1 smoke detector activation due to malfunction; 1 unintentional transmission of alarm, other; 1 smoke detector activation, no fire - unintentional; 2 alarm system activation, no fire.

• Severe weather and natural disaster: 3 wind storm, tornado/hurricane assessments.