Citizens’ tips help nab alleged burglar in Forest

Thanks to the citizens of Forest, The Forest Police Department was able to apprehend an alleged criminal.

Wednesday, December 6 FPD responded to a possible burglary to a dwelling. According to Chief Will Jones, a citizen reported that a suspicious man was walking toward one of their neighbor’s home. The police responded quickly and when they arrived they cornered the suspected burglar who had a weapon in his possession.

Coinciding, with this particular incident, a similar incident involving this same suspect the day before which in turn was solved because a citizen kept a keen eye on their surroundings. “We here at The Forest Police Department really depend on citizens to keep a watchful eye, if you see something, say something,” Jones said.

The alleged burglar was identified as, Travis Robinson, 38, of Trenton Road, Forest. Robinson was charged with burglary of a dwelling, felony in possession of weapon, and a misdemeanor charge of larceny. Currently he has a $20,000 bond.