McMillan announces candidacy

Paid Political Announcement

To the Voters of District 5

Scott County,


You have elected me to serve as your Supervisor for District 5 for 20 years, something that I appreciate and do not take lightly. As District 5 Supervisor, I am responsible for roads and bridges in District 5. As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I am responsible for the county budget and resources in our entire county. During my tenure, I have strived to be conservative with county funds and resources. The county has limited resources, and these resources must be prioritized and budgeted in such a way to best fulfill the needs of the county.  All supervisors are limited in the amount of funds that are available for road repair and maintenance. In District 5, I have prioritized and stretched these funds for the maximum benefit per dollar. I will always remember that the money that we use is tax payer money.

I appreciate the confidence the voters have placed in me for the past 20 years. I humbly request your support and as that you reelect me, Bruce McMillan, as Supervisor District 5.