Primary election results certified, run-off is June 26

The 2018 primary election results have been certified by the State of Mississippi Secretary of State’s office and there will be two run-off elections on June 26. Neither the Senate Democrat primary nor the 3rd Congressional District Republican primary saw any individual candidate garner a 50 percent plus one majority of votes district wide during the June 5 primary elections.

Third Congressional District Republican Primary — Michael Guest received 45 percent of votes statewide while Whit Hughes got 22 percent of Mississippi votes. Scott County voters gave Guest a slightly larger margin of victory with receiving Guest 56 percent of the votes to Hughes getting 20 percent. The two candidates will face off June 26 in the run-off to determine the primary winner.

Third Congressional District Democrat Primary — Michael Ted Evans received 69 percent of the votes state-wide and defeated opponent Michael Aycox by a large margin securing his inclusion on the November general election ballot. Evans faired even better with Scott County voters by taking a resounding 81 percent of local votes.

Senate Republican Primary – Roger Wicker received 83 percent of the votes statewide and 89 percent of votes here in Scott County. He now moves onto the general election in November.

Senate Democrat Primary — Howard Sherman received 32 percent of votes statewide and David Baria received 31 percent. Scott County voters gave Sherman 37 percent of the vote while Omeria Scott received 24 percent of local votes. Sherman and Baria will face-off in the June 26 runoff to determine who moves onto the general election.   

The Scott County Circuit Clerk’s office would like to inform all voters that during the run-off election on June 26 the following guidelines apply:

1. Those voters that voted Republican during the June 5 election can only vote Republican in the June 26 runoff election.

2. Those voters that voted Democrat during the June 5 election can only vote Democrat in the June 26 runoff election.

3. If you did not cast a vote in the June 5 primary election, you can vote in either the Republican primary runoff or the Democrat primary runoff on June 26.