Scott County Board of Supervisors make plans for another year


The supervisors of the five districts of Scott County are looking forward to the state lawmakers, determining the type of funds that will be available so that they can do there job properly in managing the taxpayers’ roads.

This year the supervisors elected Steven Crotwell of District 3 as president of the board. Crotwell like the other supervisors has the same initiative, that being, “keeping our roads in good condition,” he said. “By doing this with what the budget has to allow it”

A few roads in District 3 will be repaired Crotwell says, “Ive got several roads to reseal this spring, possibly eight miles.” Another entity on Crotwell’s mind is reimbursements, “homestead reimbursement would be great this year as well.”

The Vice President this year is Tim Sorey of District 2. “My plans for this up coming year, again like the rest of us, it determines on how much our state lawmakers allow us to receive financially.” In District 2 roads also will began the process of repair says Sorey, “I am going to try and overlay a few roads in Homewood.” and “continue to try to improve our roads and bridges to the best of my ability.”

Jackie Bradford of District 1 plans on resealing a few roads in his district with  the help of state aid. “I plan to have up to 10 miles of roads.” Also the money is always a question for what these supervisors can accomplish such as, “I would like to overlay roads in District 1 and possibly — let me say that again — possibly start working on a few new roads.” also, “I have two bridges shut down therefore I am waiting on the Legislature for possible grants so that we can get started.”

 Johnny Harrell of District 4 and Bruce McMillan of District 5 both believe that even though we survived 2017,  “like last year my main concern is funding and a shortage from the state,” McMillan said. “We have been in maintenance mode and also always managing the monies so that we can keep our roads safe for our taxpayers.”