SCSD and FPD work together to apprehend alleged felon


The Scott County Sheriffs Department and the Forest Police Department work hand-in-hand on a daily basis in protecting the citizens, businesses and roads of the city and the county. On December 6 the agencies worked together, to locate and apprehend alleged repeat felon, Mackie Steven May, 51, of Lake on multiple charges including felonious acts.

The FPD officers and SCSD deputies executed an active arrest warrant, a probable cause search warrant, and eventually arrested May which ultimately landed him behind bars and off the streets.

“We work together everyday and we depend on and support each other to do our job,” said Forest Police Chief Will Jones. “It truly takes our departments working together to protect and serve the citizens of Forest and Scott County and it is a true team effort.”

FPD officer Rodney Davis initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by May for speeding in Forest, and after making contact with May he determined that he had an outstanding felony warrant. During his arrest, May denied FPD officers request to search his vehicle. The officers requested assistance from SCSD Narcotics Agents who were in Brandon in route back to Forest at the time. As a result May’s vehicle was towed to a local location.

Upon returning to Forest SCSD Narcotics Agents went to the location where May’s vehicle had been towed. SCSD Officer Justin McDill and K-9 Officer Bartjie performed an open air search of the vehicle at which time Bartjie alerted to the passenger side door as the possible location of illegal narcotics.

After the first search and alert by the K-9 officer the vehicle was towed to SCSD Narcotics Office while the proper paperwork was submitted to obtain a full search warrant. While awaiting the search warrant to be granted McDill and Bartjie conducted a second open air search and Bartjie again alerted on the passenger side door of the vehicle for possible narcotics. 

After the search warrant was officially granted by the Justice Court Judge the officers gained access to, and began their full search of the vehicle and all belongings located inside May’s truck.

During the search the officers first located a broken glass smoking pipe commonly used for smoking Methamphetamine. Upon further search McDill located a “pill bottle containing a baggie of crystal like substance” consistent with meth. The bottle was located in a camoflauge jacket that May had been seen wearing earlier that day during a court hearing where he was answering for unrelated felony charges from November 2018.

After verifying the substance to be methamphetamine SCSD Narcotics Officer Captain Brad Ellis traveled to the Scott County Jail were May was being held on other charges to inform him that he was being charged with possession of methamphetamine as a result of the illegal narcotics being found in his jacket.

“We worked this one together and by working with FPD we got this felon off the street before he put others in danger,” Ellis said. “I can’t say enough about the job FPD did, they initiated the stop, executed the arrest warrant and we obtained the search warrant that led to finding the drugs, but none of this would have taken place without FPD.”

May, who is listed as the owner of Double S Trucking in Lake, was released on bond on December 7. He has been charged with speeding, simple assault, disorderly conduct, public profanity and felony drug possession. This is Mays second arrest in as many months as he was arrested by SCSD on November 1 and charged with felony drugs possession of schedule I narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

May is scheduled to appear in court to face his newest charges on January 9, 2019.